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Top 10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells

When it comes to buying adjustable dumbbells, the good news is that you are not short of options with what’s on the market.

People love adjustable dumbbells for a number of reasons. Not only are they perfect for doing those bicep curls, but the way in which you can easily change how heavy they are marks them out as being completely different from those traditional dumbbells. After all, why bother with fixed weight dumbbells when they come with such limitations?

However, we don’t want you to just rush into buying the first adjustable dumbbells you come across. Instead, we have searched for the best adjustable dumbbells UK stores have to offer, and that will not look out of place in any home gym.

So, let’s look at what we found.

Adjustable Dumbbell Reviews

Bowflex SelectTech Weights (Editor’s Choice)

Our editor’s choice is this set of adjustable dumbbells by Bowflex, and for us, this is the best adjustable dumbbells on the market.

With this version, the maximum weight is set at 24kg, but that’s still impressive. The set also comes with a number of adjustable weights that do provide you with a pretty substantial weight range to choose from.

Changing the weight plates in this instance is nice and easy too. It uses a dial system, so you can quickly remove the metal weight plates you don’t want and then carry on with your exercise regime. Also, the dial system is safe and secure, so no need to stress about something coming undone as you work out.

But there’s also another added bonus with these adjustable dumbbells, and that’s the Bowflex app. That’s going to provide you with some dumbbell exercises to follow, and even though this is just a single dumbbell, it’s surprising how many options are available to you.

Overall, this dumbbell is solid and can be used for a number of different exercises as part of your home workouts. It looks professional, will last a lifetime, and the weight distribution options with this set are impressive.


  • The dial system to change weights is a great idea
  • The array of weights on this single dumbbell is a real bonus
  • The app that comes with it can inspire and help with your workouts
  • The dumbbell is well made and will last a lifetime
  • It won’t clutter up your workout area


  • You need to get used to single dumbbell exercises
  • If the dial system breaks, then the dumbbell becomes useless

Muscle Squad 12 in 1 (Luxury Choice)

These chrome-plated steel adjustable dumbbells mean business, and they certainly won’t look out of place in any home gym. This dumbbell set goes from 5kg up to 32.5kg, and that’s quite a range to cover, so it’s going to be good for a range of weight lifting exercises. Also, the weights go up in 2.5kg increments.

This is a heavy-duty set, and it’s easy to choose the weight you want to lift. All you do is select the weight, twist the dial, and then lift it up. It’s as easy as that for you to then begin your strength training.

These dumbbells also come with a comfortable rubber grip that is highly durable. It’s clear that these dumbbells are built to last, and they can be placed in any room in your home and won’t clutter up the place either.

Overall, the quality of these dumbbells will be clear to anybody that picks one up. However, the weight options with this set work well, and it is easy to use, allowing you to get the perfect set up for your workout.


  • The weight range option will cover all your bases
  • Made from steel, these are built to last
  • The ease with which you choose your weights is amazing
  • The rubber grip is indeed comfortable in your hand
  • They are suitable for people of all levels


  • Take care with the dials as they could stick at times
  • They can be a bit bulkier in size than you think

PANMAX 5-IN-1 Free Weights (Best Value)

Available in different colour combinations, these adjustable dumbbells by PANMAX are not designed for a full-on, hard workout. The weight range, made from slip-resistant rubber, can be increased by adding one of four weights to each end of the dumbbell. In this instance, each weight you add increases the weight by 0.55lbs, leading up to a maximum of 4.4lbs.

These dumbbells are aimed more at individuals who don’t want to go for high numbers with the weight range. However, don’t think that this means you cannot get a good workout. That’s not true.

Instead, this dumbbell set can still be used for a wide range of exercises, and the way in which you only need to screw in the new weights means that this is so easy to use. Sure, it may not have the same options as other dumbbells on the market, but this is going to be perfect for a quick and easy workout.

For gripping the dumbbell, the handlebar is easy to grip, and it’s also very comfortable. That makes a difference in your workout because you don’t have to worry about it twisting in your palm.

Overall, these dumbbells are perfect for individuals looking at starting out with some light weights as part of their workout routine. They are compact, easy to adjust, and will certainly get those muscles working. Depending on the stage you are at, it may not push you to your limits, but they will get the blood flowing with ease and help those muscles get to work.


  • You just spin on the new weights, and it’s good to go
  • The grip is comfortable, and you feel confident using them
  • They are ideal for people focusing on lighter weights for their routine
  • They are compact in size, meaning it’s easier to store them
  • They are highly durable thanks to their thick rubber coating


  • The weight range does mean there are some limitations with exercises
  • You do need to line up the threads perfectly to get the new weights on

PROIRON Cast Iron (Best Cast Iron)

These cast iron adjustable dumbbells will allow you to adjust the weight from anywhere between 4kg up to 33kg. The weight plates that come with this set are solid, and the same applies to the grip, which has a knurled handle for extra comfort.

The weight plates, in this instance, can be changed by removing the spinlock, which slides off, allowing you to then select your preferred weight. The plates themselves come as 0.5kg, 1.25kg and 2.5kg, with several of each in the set.

As they are cast iron, you are looking at this set capable of lasting a lifetime. The steel spin lock is also not going to just break, rendering your dumbbell set useless. Also, cast iron dumbbells are more compact in size but still pack the exact same punch as those that are bulkier, so if you want to save space in your home gym, then this will be perfect.

Overall, we love these dumbbells as they look like a serious piece of kit, and they make it easy to add or remove your weights depending on how hard you want to push yourself. Adding weights in small increments such as 0.5kg means you can climb slower while maintaining form with your workout.


  • They are highly durable and won’t tarnish
  • The spin lock mechanism works perfectly without breaking
  • The steel handle gives you confidence in the whole dumbbell
  • The weight options are plentiful and offer you a wide range to choose from
  • They are compact in size, so they don’t take up a lot of space


  • They are heavy duty dumbbells, so they won’t be perfect for everyone
  • Lining up the threads for the spin lock mechanism can be awkward

Body Revolution Set (Best 2-in-1)

This set is one of the best adjustable dumbbells on the market, and it’s all thanks to the fact that these are selectorised dumbbells. What that means is you will have no issue when it comes to getting your desired weight for your workout.

But this set also has another added feature that could make it your favourite piece of fitness equipment, and that’s the fact it can also turn into a barbell. That means you have even more workouts that can be completed with this set, and it all goes back down into its normal compact size once your workout is over.

These weights are concrete covered in vinyl, so no damaging your floor here. These are also spin lock dumbbells, so those weights are going nowhere once you have engaged that mechanism. The last thing you want is to feel the weights can come off as you focus on your workout, which will certainly not happen here.

We love this set due to the versatility that comes with it. This isn’t just an adjustable dumbbell. It’s a whole lot more than that, and with a range of adjustable weights included, this set of adjustable dumbbells will last you for some time.


  • The adjustability factor is impressive and so easy to do
  • The fact it can turn into a barbell is amazing
  • The double spin lock mechanism gives added security
  • This is perfect for a quick workout at home
  • The vinyl look actually makes these weights appear pretty cool


  • Be careful with dropping them as the vinyl can split over time
  • The weight range can be a bit limiting

SONGMICS Set with Extra Barbell Bar (Best Grip)

These adjustable dumbbells come with 12 different weight plates, while you also get an additional barbell link to turn this from an adjustable dumbbell into another piece of workout equipment. This barbell link is a nice addition, and it can completely change how you do your complete workout.

These adjustable dumbbells are made from concrete and covered in plastic, but they are sturdy and well-constructed fitness equipment. They come with a non-slip grip complete with knurling on the actual surface of the grip, so there’s no way your hands are capable of slipping.

Changing weights is also easy with this set. These are spin lock dumbbells, so those adjustable weights are securely held in place even if you are adding the maximum weight to the bar. Securing the weights is everything, and this dumbbell won’t let you down.

Overall, these adjustable dumbbells are sturdy, look the part, and provide a number of different weight plates to allow you to pick and choose your weight according to your exercise routine or targets.


  • The spin lock mechanism is easier to use than some others
  • The non-slip grip gives you confidence in using this adjustable dumbbell
  • They are very well made and sturdy
  • The barbell aspect is a nice addition
  • Changing weights can be done in seconds


  • The screw locks are made of plastic, so being too harsh can lead to them splitting
  • They can appear to be quite chunky, so not the most visually appealing

N/G 20kg Set (Best Easy to Use)

These spin lock dumbbells come with different weight settings. These adjustable weights can be changed with ease and in minutes, allowing you to perform a number of different exercises.

With a 20kg maximum weight, they are not the heaviest on the market, but these two dumbbells certainly look the part in their design. Also, you can turn them into a barbell, so it does go beyond what’s possible with more traditional dumbbells.

While the maximum weight may be less than you hoped, these adjustable dumbbells are still perfect for doing a chest press, bicep curl, or a whole host of other exercise options. These spinlock dumbbells are also coated in vinyl, and they should continue to look the part for some time to come.

Overall, the ease with which you can change the weights aspect is the reason why we love this brand. This adjustable dumbbell could quickly become a mainstay of your home workout. There’s a reason why we have selected them as being the easiest to use, and you will quickly realise why that’s the case if you bought them and started working out with them.


  • They really are so easy to use
  • Changing the weights won’t be a problem
  • Simple spin lock mechanism
  • It can turn into a barbell
  • Suitable for a range of various exercises


  • At 20kg, it may not be heavy enough for some individuals
  • The plastic covering the plates could have been of better quality

Yaheetech Set of 2 Weights

With different sized weight plates, this adjustable dumbbell looks like a serious piece of kit from the moments you set eyes on it. Complete with spinlock collars, it’s very easy to adjust the dumbbells according to your desired weight.

The bars come with a non-slip grip, so that does give you some real confidence in using the dumbbells. It comes with a chrome finish, but they look impressive even without the weights attached.

The plates are concrete based and then covered in plastic. They are amazing for upper body exercise, and the way adjustable dumbbells work is by allowing you to quickly change weights according to the exercise, and this set hits the mark.

Overall, it’s more the speed at which you can go ahead and change the weights to make sure that you have the right weights for you. It does offer enough options to cover most workouts, and that’s good enough for us.


  • The spinlock collars are secure and easy to move
  • The non-slip grip adds to the comfortable feeling
  • The dumbbells look amazing and perfect for your home gym
  • There are enough weights supplied to allow you to move them around for exercises
  • They feel sturdy in your hands


  • The dumbbells cannot be joined to create a barrel
  • If you drop them a lot, then the plastic can start to look tarnished


This single dumbbell comes with an easy to use safety lock mechanism. With weights ranging from 5.5lbs up to 27.5lbs, this gives you enough scope when it comes to how you can work out.

These adjustable dumbbells are crafted from high-quality material, and it just feels good in your hand. The soft grip is contoured and comfortable, and that does make a real difference when it comes to dealing with your workout.

Storing this single dumbbell is also easy, thanks to the design. It takes up little space, and yet the array of exercises you will be able to do from this dumbbell is pretty impressive.

Overall, if you are looking for weights that won’t take up space and still be effective, then this could be the perfect option. Of course, this only comes with one dumbbell, so you will have to get used to single dumbbell workouts unless you buy two.


  • As a single dumbbell, it takes up next to no space
  • The safety lock mechanism is easy to use and effective
  • It’s made from a high-quality material
  • The grip feels comfortable in your hand
  • It has enough weight range to make a difference with your workouts


  • Clearly, some people prefer two dumbbells rather than a single
  • It is quite chunky for a single dumbbell

Northdeer Steel Ultracompact

These steel dumbbells are very compact in size, but that is absolutely fine if you are looking for some cool looking adjustable dumbbells that will be perfect in your home.

They have looked into removing this problem of an adjustable dumbbell being rather bulky in its appearance. There’s no such issue with this set of dumbbells.

When adding weights to the dumbbells, they simply lock into place. The weights also feel very comfortable in your hand, and even though they are foam handles, they are supportive and give you enough confidence to use the dumbbells in your workout.

Thanks to the slender design, some people may feel that these dumbbells give you a better workout as you can work the muscle without thinking about how to avoid the dumbbell pressing against your body.

Overall, the main thing with these dumbbells is that they are easy to store, easy to use, and easy to adjust. As basic dumbbells go, these are pretty good. However, the weight range may not be enough for some people, in which case you may feel that you cannot get the desired results with these dumbbells.


  • They can stand on end, so that makes even easier storage
  • They are so easy to adjust with weights locking into one another
  • The handles are comfortable and supportive
  • They are not bulky
  • They feel perfectly balanced


  • The weight range is less than with other dumbbells
  • You may feel as if you cannot push your workout with them

What to Look For When Buying Adjustable Dumbbells

So, let’s say you are in the market for the best adjustable dumbbells; what is it you should be looking out for?

Well, there are a number of key points to consider when trying to build your home workout equipment collection, and here are the most important things to keep in mind.

Don’t Just Go For the Best Dumbbells in General

You should never just opt for what you think to be the best set of dumbbells in general. It may sound good just buying the best home weights you can find, but are they the right ones for you?

Instead, if you are just starting out with strength training, then focus more on the best dumbbells for beginners rather than weights that are aimed more at people experienced with heavy lifting.

You need to build your approach to strength training. You cannot just go for weights that offer the heaviest weight selection possible. That’s a surefire way of not only putting yourself off trying to build muscle mass but also injuring yourself in the process.

It’s key for you to be aware of what you need before buying. Sure, a set of dumbbells may look amazing, but if they are incorrect for your needs, and you don’t then use them, then what’s the point?

How Comfortable are They in Your Hand?

You do need to make sure your dumbbells feel comfortable in your hand. There should be a good grip, which is also non-slip, making it easier for you to complete your reps without running into problems.

The grip is so important. An incorrect grip will mean your hands will even tire, and that has a knock-on effect on the rest of your arms. It will then come as no surprise if you cannot complete your routine due to that tiredness and fatigue.

A woman works out at home

Think About the Weights

With the weights, don’t focus on how much weight you can lift or want to lift, but rather focus more on the exercises you plan on doing with your dumbbells.

You aren’t getting just a pair of dumbbells here. You are looking at buying a set of adjustable dumbbells that offer you different weight increments. Those different weights will allow you to do different exercises that are designed to work various muscles.

You should think carefully about the different exercises you will be focusing on and then see if the weight distribution that comes with the set is capable of matching your needs.

The only downside about this is that you need to better understand where you are at with your training. Also, having an understanding of your fitness goals will also be pretty important at this point.

How Easy Are They to Adjust?

This is a point that is often overlooked, but how easy are the dumbbells to actually adjust? The top adjustable dumbbells will make sure that the actual physical process of changing weight options is smooth and easy to do.

You certainly don’t want to mess around when doing weight training, trying to add or subtract weights for a particular set of exercises. That sort of thing will even put you off doing certain aspects of your home workouts just because of the difficulty of changing your dumbbell set.

You do have different options with the adjustment aspect. It will either be a dial mechanism, which tends to come with more advanced options, while spinlock mechanisms can also be used in order to secure the weights in place.

But what you are looking for is to have weights that can be changed basically in minutes. However, the adjustable dumbbells we have included above cover those aspects, so you should have no difficulty changing things.

The Material

Look at the material of your dumbbells to see which one suits you personally. With either fixed or adjustable dumbbells, they will either be made of rubber or metal that’s then coated with either plastic, chrome or even vinyl.

Now, some do look better than others. You may even want to go for something made of cast iron, as they do look more like the traditional dumbbell, even though they still come with an adjustable weight range.

The Inner Material

The inner material is also going to play a part. It may be concrete, which sounds strange, but it’s effective. Also, it may be filled with sand with the dumbbell being covered in thick plastic, and that’s also something that can work well.

Finally, you may have cast iron or steel. That means they are pretty much solid metal, and even though they are viewed as being more heavy-duty dumbbells, that shouldn’t always put you off.

Additional Features

Finally, be aware that some dumbbells do come with the additional feature of being able to turn into a barbell. That means they come with an extra handle that can be added, and both dumbbells then turn into the completed barbell.

This is pretty cool, and it could be the ideal solution for some people when it comes to working out. It also means there’s easier storage as everything breaks down into a small item, so you don’t have all of these weights lying around your gym.

However, this is not something that every dumbbell offers, but keep an eye out for it in the different options we have included above if that is of interest to you.

What to Avoid When Buying Adjustable Dumbbells

So, you know what to look for when buying an adjustable dumbbell, but what should you avoid? Well, when buying your new adjustable dumbbell, you should avoid buying something that doesn’t fit into your working out aims.

This is where being aware of the limitations when it comes to the weights. Is it enough? Is it too little?

The last thing you want to do is to go ahead and purchase a new adjustable dumbbell, and it doesn’t meet your requirements. You will not only struggle to build muscle, but you can also lose motivation, as you know you don’t have the equipment.

Why An Adjustable Dumbbell Instead of Fixed Dumbbells?

So this has been all about the adjustable dumbbell, but why would you want to use this version as opposed to free weights or the fixed dumbbell version?

It’s all about the range of weights and how you can chop and change from the one set according to your own individual needs.

With fixed dumbbells, you are stuck with that weight. You need to own a large set, which takes up a lot of space, to move around your exercises.

That’s not the case with an adjustable dumbbell.

An athlete assembling his fitness equipment

So unless you have a lot of space for your home gym, then fixed weights won’t be the answer. Sure it looks impressive, but if it’s not practical, then what’s the point?

And that is where adjustable dumbbells really come into their own. They really up the practicality aspect, and that alone makes it easier to go ahead and use them.

Running Over the Key Points

We want you to feel that you are in the right position to go ahead and choose the best possible adjustable dumbbells for your needs. However, as we have covered a number of points, then a recap of the key aspects to consider should make life easier.

  1. Study the weight range with each set. That determines how perfect they are for you.
  2. Consider how easy it is to change the weights. You don’t want to mess around and waste time with your workout.
  3. Consider if the barbell addition is something that applies to your workout ideas.
  4. Consider the material used. However, this is a personal preference rather than making a significant difference to how the dumbbells perform.

Basically, there’s not a lot to cover when it comes to making your selection. However, that still doesn’t mean it should be rushed into. These points are there to help you narrow down your options, and we know that it can be tough, so keeping these points in mind may very well make a difference.

Overall Conclusion

So those are the best adjustable dumbbells on the market right now. As you can see, there are not only some cheap adjustable dumbbells on there but others that make it possible for you to lift heavier weights than you would usually get with fixed dumbbells.

While we have chosen lots of great options for this review, our favourite would have to be the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells. With a substantial weight range to choose from and an easy system to switch them around, there’s no reason these dumbbells won’t be a great addition to your home gym.

What’s more, they even come with an app for workout inspiration, so you will never be at a loss for which exercise to try next!

However, there is something out there for you, and with varying weights available, it should mean you will be able to do a number of exercises while perched on the end of your weight bench.

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