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Top 10 Best Camping Fridges

  1. Koolatron P27 Voyager (Editor’s Choice)
  2. DOMETIC CoolFreeze CDF 36 (Luxury Choice)
  3. AstroAI 4-Litre (Best Value)
  4. Alpicool C20 (Best Large)
  5. Subcold Ultra 6 (Best Portable)
  6. AstroAI 9-Litre Thermoelectric
  7. Kealive 15-Litre Cooler & Warmer
  8. Koolatron P65 Kargo
  9. DOMETIC CombiCool RC 1200
  10. Smad 3 Way 40-Litre

The best camping fridge can take your adventure in the great outdoors to the next level. A good camping fridge can replace the traditional cooler to give you a safe place where you can store everything from food to water and medicines.

When you’re camping, your portable fridge can also be an excellent way to ensure that you don’t have to call the trip short because you don’t have enough cool supplies. If you’re ready to invest in a new solution for your family, here are some options to consider.

Camping Fridge Reviews

Koolatron P27 Voyager (Editor’s Choice)

Designed to offer the perfect combination of excellent capacity with powerful cooling for your food and drinks, the Koolatron P27 is a great investment. This camping fridge will protect your items from the outside temperature, so you can enjoy cool drinks when you need them most. The iceless thermoelectric cooler technology even means you don’t have to worry about thawing.

With 12V car power, the Koolatron will be ready to go when you are. Perfect for a family camping trip, it features a 29-quart capacity that can fit as many as 48 cans. Depending on your needs, this Koolatron camping fridge can either cool to a temperature of 22 degrees below ambient temperature, or warm food to 57 degrees above the outside temperature.

To help you organise, this little power box also comes with an internal shelf. You can also choose if you prefer to use the cooling system in a vertical or horizontal position. One possible problem, however, is the cable is a little loose, which may be worrying to some. There’s also no wall plug for mains power.


  • Excellent thermoelectric cooling box with ice-free features
  • 27.5-litre capacity for storing all your food and drinks
  • Internal shelves for organising the items inside
  • Warming mode to keep crucial meals from going cold
  • 12 volt DC power system works with most cars


  • No wall plug so may not be compatible with mains power
  • The cable can be a little loose according to some

DOMETIC CoolFreeze CDF 36 (Luxury Choice)

One of the most advanced electric camping fridge options on the market today, this is sure to become a crucial tool in your car adventures. The DOMETIC Coolfreeze camping fridge runs on 12 to 24-volt energy, depending on your needs. You can use the freezer features to reduce the temperature all the way to negative fifteen degrees Celsius.

With a capacity of around 31 litres, the DOMETIC freezer and coolbox is the perfect cooling accessory for families who love the great outdoors. This energy-efficient option relies on compressor cooler power to cool your food and drinks, and there’s a digital display for keeping track of your temperature. The DOMETIC can fit 2-litre bottles upright, too.

Suitable for most 12-volt DC cars, the DOMETIC camping fridges are the perfect investment for people who hike frequently. There’s an interior LED light for use in the dark, and integrated handles, too. One downside is the cable can be a bit loose, and the controls are sometimes difficult to set up.


  • One of the leading compressor fridges on the market
  • Fridge freezer functionality to -15°C
  • Approximate capacity of 31 litres
  • Excellent for all types of camping to keep food cool
  • Integrated handles and interior LED light


  • Can be difficult to set up the controls at first
  • Cable is sometimes a little loose

AstroAI 4-Litre (Best Value)

If you’re planning a solo camping adventure, or you’re looking for the best camping fridges for one person, AstroAI could have you covered. This convenient camping cooler and portable fridge can either cool or warm your food and drinks. It’s small and easy to transport, with a handle built-in for ease of use.

The AstroAI camping fridges are a great choice for those who don’t want to take a lot of food with them on the move. This cool box can achieve temperatures of up to 0 degrees compared to ambient temperature, and there’s a warming function, too. The heating function can achieve up to 30 degrees Celsius, depending on how long you have to wait.

Great for those in search of an alternative to passive cool boxes and compressor fridges, the AstroAI is simple and effective, capable of holding up to 6 cans of drink. There’s also a three-year warranty included for peace of mind. Plus, you get the benefit of knowing that the engineering is completely eco-friendly. Unfortunately, this product may be too small for some, and it’s only available in pink.


  • Simple solution for solo camping and brief trips
  • Cooling power and warming function included
  • Keeps up to 4 litres of food and drink cool
  • Certified according to high-quality standards
  • 3-year warranty for peace of mind


  • May not be large enough to suit every need
  • Colour choices may not appeal to everyone

Alpicool C20 (Best Large)

When you’re planning a camping trip with the whole family, you need a portable camping fridge that’s equipped with plenty of space. These high-capacity coolboxes from Alpicool can hold up to 20 litres at once. More than just your standard coolbox, the Alpicool also features freezer functionality with no ice required.

A portable fridge freezer for life on the move, the Alpicool C20 is one of the most versatile additions to any car. This product can keep food cold and its cooling feature extends to a -20 degrees freezing option. An excellent icebox that protects your food’s temperature, this cooler can suit almost any family need.

Aside from giving you high-quality temperature control, the Alpicool fridge freezer is also reliable and safe – with three levels of protection for your car battery. There are different power modes when you need to keep energy use low, and a rugged design to suit different types of camping. Foam insulation just adds to the excellent results. Unfortunately, it is a little noisier than it could be. Additionally, the digital display isn’t always accurate.


  • Compact fridge freezer performance
  • One of the best camping fridges for families
  • Power-saving power mode, and car battery protection
  • Foam insulation and portable compressor cooling performance
  • Rugged and reliable design


  • Display may not always be accurate
  • Can be a little noisier than some alternatives

Subcold Ultra 6 (Best Portable)

If you’re looking for a portable compressor fridge that isn’t going to take up much extra space in your car, this could be the product for you. The Subcold compact camping fridge comes with a small 6-litre capacity that can hold up to 8 standard cans. This is a great compressor fridge option if you’re camping with just one person. Or, you need a cooling storage for medicines and makeup, as a more secure alternative to dry bags.

Small but powerful, these camping fridges come with multiple power options to suit your needs. You can connect your compressor fridge to the mains electricity through an AC adapter or use the standard 12-volt DC connection in your car battery. You also get the option to decide whether your camping fridge is hot or cold, with a thermoelectric adjustment system.

This portable fridge has a cooling power to keep your items’ temperature up to 20 degrees below the surrounding’s or heat all the way to 65 degrees. There’s no ice packs or extra equipment required, and the super quiet operation means you don’t need to wear earplugs while the fridge is working. One possible issue is that this product keeps food cool, instead of cold. You may also find that this device is a little too small for some customers.


  • Multiple power options including a plug for your 12v car battery
  • Heating and cooling performance for any need
  • Sleek and compact design for easy transportation
  • Super quiet operation with its high-grade fan motor
  • Durable enough for long-term use


  • May be better at keeping food cool than making it cold
  • Could be too small for some customers

AstroAI 9-Litre Thermoelectric

If you need the best camping fridge to store medicine and skincare products while you’re in the great outdoors, AstroAI has got you covered. This compact and reliable cool box has a thermoelectric design that can easily keep all kinds of products cool for longer. The removable shelf even makes it easy to separate food items.

An impressive mini camping fridge with 9 litres of capacity, the AstroAI portable will keep your food and other crucial products cool without pesky ice packs. While this product might not be ideal for storing litre bottles, this cooler can hold up to 12 cans with ease. The compact size means you can make sure you have room for your fridge on any trip.

One of the best products for both AC and DC power, the AstroAI can cool your items using your 12V car battery or use the AC outlet the same way fridges in your home do. An environmentally-friendly design means it’s not going to have a negative impact on the world around you. And, this compressor fridge even comes with a 3-year warranty. Unfortunately, if you’d like a quiet machine, you might need to choose something else, as this product can be quite noisy. It also won’t keep ice frozen.


  • Convenient thermoelectric cooler
  • Up to 9 litres of capacity to store whatever you like
  • Uses 12V DC power or AC power (no gas)
  • Compact coolboxes won’t take up a lot of space
  • Easy lock lid, great to keep food cool


  • Might not be ideal for those who want a freezer product
  • Thermoelectric fans can be quite noisy

Kealive 15-Litre Cooler & Warmer

One of the most versatile coolboxes around, the Kealive portable camping fridge is sure to be a great addition to your next road trip. This powerful compact fridge can hold up to 15 litres of food and drinks. Plus, it comes with a convenient removable shelf for sorting through the products you like.

If you’re looking for the best multi-functional thermoelectric cooler, the Kealive could be the product for you. Its advanced thermoelectric system can keep foods cool up to 5 degrees under the ambient temperature. You can use these coolboxes to heat your food to up to 65 degrees, too. Great for life on the move, this product comes with both AC and DC adapters.

You can plug your cooling system into the outlets around your home like a regular fridge freezer or plug them into the 12V port in your car. The cooling function won’t drain too much battery or gas. There’s even an eco-friendly mode for when you need to conserve battery life.

Portable and convenient, this camping fridge is small and sleek, suitable to keep food cool whenever you need it. Unfortunately, the fridge can be a little flimsy in places, and can easily scuff. According to some camping fridge reviews, it’s also not ideal for ice blocks and excess cooling.


  • Simple thermoelectric cooler for warming and keeping food cool
  • Works with AC power and 12v DC power
  • Portable enough to take with you anywhere you need
  • Eco-friendly mode to save power
  • More effective than passive coolboxes


  • May not be the best cool box for frozen products
  • Some customers find that it can be easy to break and scuff this cooler

Koolatron P65 Kargo

Spacious and durable, this versatile cooler from Koolatron may prove to be a wise investment, perfect to bring to any camping site. For those in search of the ultimate camping fridges, the Kargo offers a split lid design with a secure magnetic seal to stop cold air from seeping out. You can use this unit as a chest-style coolbox or as a portable camping fridge.

With an incredible 31 litre capacity and thermoelectric technology, the fridges from Koolatron will easily hold a range of food and drink items with no problem. You can power this camping fridge through AC power or use the 12 volt DC connector in your car. The iceless technology and a brushless fan motor will cool your items to up to 22°C under surrounding temperature.

It’s not a problem if you’re carrying warm food in your coolbox either. This product can also warm your food up to a temperature of 60°C. It also uses less power than old-fashioned gas systems and plastic coolers. It’s easy to keep your food in great condition with the Koolatron Kargo and its reliable split lid.

One slight setback is that the hinge can break somewhat easily if you’re not careful. The door hatch on the lid is a little flimsy, too.


  • Excellent size for storing plenty of food
  • Use your AC outlets around the house or DC power
  • Some of the positive camping fridge reviews for thermoelectric performance
  • Chest style coolbox or standard fridge style design
  • Uses less power than most cooler alternatives


  • Can be difficult to keep the hinge from snapping
  • Door hatch can be a little flimsy and may loosen with regular use

DOMETIC CombiCool RC 1200

As cooler technology evolves, the features of a good fridge are growing more impressive. For instance, this DOMETIC camping fridge is one of the best 3-way camping fridge products around, with the option to power your cooling system via gas, AC, or DC power. That means no matter where you end up, you’ll always be able to find an energy source for your fridge.

With a great size to deliver cooling for the whole family, the DOMETIC Combicool is one of the most advanced coolbox products around. This model comes with a strong lid that’s magnetically sealed to prevent cold air from escaping the freezer box. It’s also one of the best camping fridge options if you’re looking to store litre bottles. You can fit 2 bottles in this cooler standing up.

Great for any kind of camping trip, the 3-way CombiCool from DOMETIC helps you to avoid the problem of not being able to power your fridges without a DC adapter. You can plug your camping fridge into the wall outlet, or use gas in your cool box instead. Absorption cooling technology keeps your food at the perfect temperature for longer, and the system works without causing too much noise.

Unfortunately, this coolbox can be difficult to set up for beginners. The instructions are quite confusing, and using gas power can be quite messy.


  • 3-way power with gas, AC and DC options
  • 41-litre capacity (a great size for families)
  • Suitable for cooling all kinds of food and drink
  • Absorption cooling technology
  • DOMETIC technology cools to 25 degrees below ambient temperature


  • May be more complicated to use than a standard compressor cooler
  • Instructions may be confusing to some

Smad 3 Way 40-Litre

Here’s another excellent product if you’re looking for a cool box with multiple power options. The Smad compact leisure camping fridges are available to use with AC, DC or gas. This means that you can rest assured you can power your cool box fridge wherever you go. Perfect for camping and life on the move, this product can even cool products to 0 degrees.

Equipped with a digital temperature screen so you can make sure that your products are staying at the best temperature, this compressor fridge is great for drinks, meals, and more. You get a good 40L size capacity that’s ideal for families. And, the box is still compact enough to fit however you like into your car or dorm room.

This coolbox comes with a set of sturdy shelves that you can use to organise the interior. It’s also worth noting that the camping fridge has a secure lid to keep cold air in for longer. Unfortunately, there’s no flue vent kit included if you plan on using gas power with this device. You might also find that it’s much harder to use than other compressor cooling technology options.


  • Features multiple power options, including gas
  • Excellent reviews for versatility and size
  • 40-litre capacity is good for families and groups
  • Looks good if you keep it in your home or car
  • Sturdy shelves that you can adjust as you like


  • You might find it’s harder to use this cool box than some alternatives
  • There’s may not be a vent kit included for gas power

How to Choose the Right Camping Fridge

More than just a convenience, a good small camping fridge can be a powerful tool to protect you and your family from less happy camping memories. You can stop food from reaching the same ambient temperature level of your surroundings, reducing the risk of food poisoning.

Whether you choose a basic camping fridge or a fridge freezer that can keep your items icy cold without any iceboxes or packs, there are a lot of points to consider. If you are struggling to make the best decision – even after reading our reviews, here are some points to consider.

Capacity or Size

The ideal compressor or camping fridge solution will be one that can hold plenty of items for you and your entire family. You may need something that’s compact enough to fit in your home and van when you want to use it. However, at the same time, the internal capacity needs to cover everything that you want to keep cool, including meals and medicines.

Get an idea of what a good capacity might be for your needs before you begin shopping for a fridge. Remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to having extra space.

an open mini freezer


A good camping fridge needs to be capable of delivering all the traits that you’re relying on for your camping trip. On a basic level, this means ensuring that your device can keep your items cool to the right temperature. However, some products in the market can do a lot more than this, too.

You can find compressor fridge options today that come with heating and cooling capabilities built-in. There are also products that have extra features to consider, like a freezing option or a digital screen where you can check the temperature.

Power Options

Unlike a passive cooler, a good camping fridge or freezer will rely on a source of power to cool or heat the items that you are keeping with you on your next trip. The most common option for a camping fridge is DC power, which you can access by plugging your device into your car. You can also find a camping fridge that uses both AC and DC power just as easily.

One of the best options for people who want absolute versatility is to find a three-way solution that takes all kinds of power, including gas. Just remember that using gas can be a lot more complicated than simply plugging your product into an outlet.


Finally, if your camping fridge isn’t convenient, you are not going to use it. You need something that’s simple enough to use in any environment, portable, and reliable. A good dual lid that allows you to open different parts of the device at different times is a great way to keep products cold.

You could also find that a product becomes more convenient if it has a built-in handle for portability or something that makes it easier to grip.

a woman seated at the back of a car

Choosing Your Camping Fridge

The best camping fridge for your needs depends on a range of factors, from what a good size looks like for you and your family, to what kind of heating and cooling functions is required.

Our top choice for a good camping fridge is the Koolatron P27 Voyager. This high-capacity fridge comes with powerful cooling functionality supported by 12V power. You can hold up to 48 cans in this device at once, and there is a warming feature included, too. Users can even choose whether to have their fridge in a horizontal or vertical position.

Good luck choosing the product that’s right for you.

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