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Our Favourites

  1. JLL JF100 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Songmics (Folding Choice)
  3. Ultrasport MiniBike MB50 (Compact Choice)

Gyms are funny places. Those who are into working out regularly love their gym as much for the camaraderie as for the large selection of training equipment available. Those who aren’t fitness warriors though, often fear going to a gym or even a spin class. Some are self-conscious about their relative training inexperience, while others are frankly intimidated by a large facility filled with those who are in better shape. When you buy an indoor exercise bike, it isn’t quite as intimidating as joining a gym for a newbie but it’s close. Upright, recumbent, spinning, folding – there’s a lot to learn before you can be sure you’re getting the best exercise bike the UK market has to offer.

Never fear – we’re here to help. We’ve conducted 10 indoor exercise bike reviews in reasonable price ranges, which are perfect for your first or second exercise bike – and included a helpful buying guide too! We’ve focused on machines that provide the minimum features necessary, like a decent LCD monitor and adjustable resistance levels. For most people, though, any of these exercise bikes will provide the aerobic exercise they need without breaking the bank. We hope that after reading, you will be able to confidently make the right choice when you buy.

Best Exercise Bike Reviews – Top 10 Picks

JLL JF100 (Editor’s Choice)

The JF100 upright bike by JLL is a good choice if you are looking for a budget priced, entry-level exercise bike.

It has a four-kilogram flywheel and 10 levels of magnetic resistance making it suitable for all fitness levels and an ideal bike for improving your physical performance over time. Complete with heart rate sensors and an LCD multifunction display, you can keep an eye on your performance and follow your progression.

While this exercise bike does have a variable seat level, unfortunately, it does not extend very high. This makes it unsuitable for anyone who is taller than average. Although the assembly is not especially complex, the unclear instructions don’t make it any easier and it can be quite difficult to get the tension wires connected. On the whole, this is a decent exercise bike at a budget cost.


  • 10 magnetic levels
  • Four-kilogram two-way flywheel
  • LCD multifunction display
  • Seat level can be adjusted
  • Heart rate sensors


  • Not suitable for taller users
  • Instructions unclear
  • Difficult to connect tension wires

Songmics (Foldable Choice)

If you are searching for a folding exercise bike with easy manoeuvrability, the Songmics Foldable could be your best option. Its folding design enables space-saving storage and is complemented by rolling wheels on the base so it can easily be stored or moved around.

The Songmics foldable exercise bike features eight magnetic resistance levels with manual adjustments. The entire bike weighs just 18.4kg and it has a 100kg user weight limit.

To enhance rider experience, this bike has a digital display so you can monitor your workout in real-time. It also has a built-in electronics holder and a fully adjustable seat height with six different levels. It also comes with a PVC floor mat to help prevent slippage and promote a quieter, smoother ride. Moreover, the mat helps protect your floor when used on hardwood, vinyl or tile.

On the downside, we do not recommend this bike for serious cyclists as the tension isn’t exceptionally high. It is also not designed for taller users or standing up on, as your knees are likely to bump the shaft.


  • Folding design for compact storage
  • Rolling wheels
  • Eight magnetic resistance levels
  • PVC floor mat included
  • Quiet operation


  • May not be ideal for serious cyclists
  • May not be designed for standing
  • May not be the best for taller people

Ultrasport MiniBike MB50 (Compact Choice)

The Ultrasport MiniBike MB50 is our top choice if you are looking for something compact and portable. Thanks to its unique pedal only design, it can be used anywhere you want. You can even use this bike while sitting on your couch or at your desk.

This Ultrasport exercise bike has a minimalist design without a seat or handlebars. You can use it to exercise your arms or legs depending on where you place it. It features an LCD and a 2kg flywheel for momentum resistance.

In total, this exercise equipment weighs only 5.9kg, so you can easily pick it up and take it anywhere you want. The restricted dimensions also allow you to store it in smaller spaces, so it is highly recommended for anyone short on space. The adjustable pedal straps help keep your feet or hands firmly in place during use and create a smooth user experience. This bike is also easy to assemble, considering all you need to do is screw in the pedals.

While the Ultrasport MiniBike is excellent for conserving space and versatile use, it could slip on some carpeted floors and is less stable due to its lightweight base. Additionally, it is somewhat noisy, which may interfere with some activities.


  • Easy setup
  • Compact design
  • Train your arms or legs
  • Use anywhere
  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • Could be noisy
  • May be less stable and slip on carpeted floors

YYFITT (Best 2-in-1 Choice)

The YYFITT 2-in-1 exercise bike has an upgraded design with enhanced versatility and durability. Its design enables either an upright or semi-recumbent saddle orientation for versatility and overall comfort.

The YYFITT is another excellent option with a foldable design for compact storage. It features 16 resistance levels to better accommodate a wide range of skill levels and heart rate pulse sensors in the handlebars paired with an LCD monitor for accurate tracking while you exercise.

In addition to the bike pedals, this option also has resistance armbands so you can exercise your arms, upper back, and chest at the same time. The anti-slip pedals also promote a sturdy, smooth, and quiet ride while your feet stay firmly in place. This exercise bike also features a tablet holder and a comfortable saddle with an extra-large backrest and two adjustable heights. The frame itself is quite sturdy and can withstand a rider weighing up to 120kg even though it weighs only 18kg.

With this model, you may, however, experience a tricky assembly process. Also, according to consumer feedback, it is not designed for taller people, and the reclined backrest may be uncomfortable for some.


  • Upright or semi-recumbent style
  • Foldable design
  • Resistance armbands
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Smooth and quiet


  • Assembly process may be tricky
  • May not be ideal for taller people
  • Reclined backrest could be less comfortable for some

Dripex Upright (Professional Choice)

Offering an excellent combination of performance and style, the Dripex Upright is an excellent choice for an exercise bike.

Featuring a bidirectional flywheel, it provides for more momentum and an extra challenging workout as you gain experience. In addition, there are various tension levels to suit from. There’s also an LCD display that allows for real-time tracking and recording of your routines, giving you an insight into your progress.

Safe and comfortable, the Dripex training bike can support up to 330lbs in weight. It has anti-slip pedals that are designed with adjustable toe cages. There’s even an emergency stop brake, too.

Its 6-way adjustable seat gives you more comfort. The super-smooth and ultra-quiet performance, on the other hand, means that you don’t have to worry about waking up the whole house during your workout.

If you’re looking for something that’s both convenient and performance-ready, this could be the product for you. This exercise bike even comes with installation tools to help you set everything up according to your needs. However, it’s worth noting that it takes a lot of work to put everything together. Additionally, if you’re a taller person, you might find this bike too small for you.


  • Excellent LCD display for tracking performance
  • Support for up to 330lbs
  • Adjustable seat and toe cages
  • Fantastic emergency stop brake
  • Extra quiet performance


  • Quite difficult to put together
  • Very heavy
  • Not ideal for taller people

XS Sports Magnetic (Best with Safety Features)

Looking for the best budget exercise bike? Take a look at the Sports Exercise Bike by XS, our top budget choice.

This cheap exercise bike is low in price, but still offers plenty of useful functions including an LCD multifunction display screen for all your workout feedback. It also has a 1.6-kilogram flywheel and adjustable magnetic resistance to challenge and improve your fitness levels. The sturdy pedals and foot straps ensure that your feet stay securely in place even during intense workouts.

Unfortunately, the performance feedback from the monitor is fairly unreliable on this model, so if it’s essential for you to be able to reliably check your progress, you may need to consider another model or using a compatible smartphone app replacement.

If you’re above average height, you may find that this exercise bike does not extend enough to comfortably accommodate your body. Furthermore, it has a limit of 100kg max user weight. Also, like many exercise bikes, the seat can be uncomfortable and you may want to buy an additional cover.


  • Foldable
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance
  • LCD multifunction display
  • 6kg flywheel
  • Sturdy pedals and foot straps


  • Unreliable computer
  • Not suitable for very tall persons
  • Uncomfortable seat

Ultrasport Bike Trainer (Best with Adjustable Seat)

If you’re looking for a reliable exercise bike that offers quality and performance, then take a look at the 100kg capacity limit F-Bike by Ultrasport. Quiet to use and collapsible, this great value for money exercise bike is a good option if you are short on space as you can fold it away, and it won’t bother your neighbours.

The variable seat level of this cycling trainer by Ultrasport makes it suitable for the vast majority of people. Its hand pulse sensors send your readings to the onboard LCD monitor which also provides other essential information on your performance, such as time, distance, calories and speed.

This indoor exercise bike provides a great way to get in shape from the comfort of your own home. However, this bike may not offer enough resistance for those at an already fairly high level of fitness.

While this upright bike handily folds away, it is relatively heavy, so you’ll need to be able to store it near the area where you work out. Although this is a good quality exercise bike, you may want to spend a little extra on a gel seat cover as the actual bicycle seat is quite uncomfortable.


  • Collapsible
  • Eight magnetic levels
  • LCD monitor
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Seat is fully adjustable


  • Could be quite heavy to move
  • May come with fairly low tension settings
  • Seat may be uncomfortable

JLL IC300 (Best with 18kg Flywheel)

The IC300 by JLL is an indoor exercise bike that has been designed to replicate riding a real road bike.

It has everything you need for thorough workouts including built-in heart rate sensors, an 18-kilogram flywheel and fully adjustable friction resistance which makes it suitable for all fitness levels. The seat can be adjusted to accommodate most heights and the handlebars can be vertically adjusted for an optimal riding position as well as a comfortable workout.

This exercise bike uses chain and friction rather than magnets, so it is a little noisier than direct belt driven magnetic resistance models. It may be something to bear in mind if you need a quiet ride as not to disturb family members. It also has a limit of 130kg max user weight.

Thanks to its transportation wheels, you can move this exercise bike around fairly easily. However, you’ll need to take care when handling it as the monitor is very fragile and prone to breaking. As with many other models, you may wish to invest in a seat cover since the seat is very uncomfortable on this particular cycling trainer.


  • 18kg flywheel
  • Heart rate sensors
  • Seat and vertical handlebar adjustment
  • Fully adjustable friction resistance
  • Transportation wheels


  • Chain a little noisy
  • Very uncomfortable seat
  • Fragile monitor

Sportstech ESX500 (Best Entry-Level)

Designed for those who want to combine fitness with technology, the Sportstech is a top contender for the best upright exercise bike in the UK.

This smart exercise bike comes packed with features to explore. It is equipped with a digital 5.5-inch display so you can cycle in video mode or challenge your friends and family through its multi-player function.

In addition, this app-compatible bike comes with USB power charging, 4 user profiles, and a pulse measurement system built into the handlebars. The seat and handlebar heights are both adjustable, and there’s a variety of 12 different programs to choose from to help get you started.

On top of that, this 12kg inertia with a low-maintenance belt drive system, and a 3-piece crank for extra durability. Hence, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect exercise bike with screen to help beef up your fitness regime, the Sportstech ESX500 could be just the thing for you.

Unfortunately, the instruction manual is exceedingly difficult to follow, with poor English. Additionally, this bike is fitted with an EU plug, rather than a British one.


  • High-tech app enabled performance
  • 12 pre-programmed training sessions
  • Excellent 12kg inertia performance
  • Pulse tracking included
  • User profiles and USB power charging


  • Instructions are exceedingly difficult to follow/li>
  • Includes an EU plug, not a UK one

JLL RE100 (Best Recumbent)

If you’re searching for the best type of exercise bike and having a comfortable workout is your main priority, then you should try one of those recumbent exercise bikes like this model by JLL.

The RE100 has a backrest and features heart rate sensors so you can adapt your workout intensity to your cardiovascular performance. This recumbent exercise bike is quiet to use thanks to its direct drive belt and eight magnetic resistance levels. This means you can do different workouts without worrying about disturbing other family members or your neighbours.

The RE100 recumbent bike’s seven horizontal adjustment levels allow you to find the fit that’s just right for your size while the six function display monitor provides feedback on your performance. Unfortunately, this recumbent exercise bike is not suitable for users with large feet. The pedals are so low to the floor that your feet may have a tendency to catch.

The seat of this recumbent bike is not especially comfortable and you may prefer to get extra padding with a seat cover or a cushion. You may find the poorly translated usage instructions more of a hindrance than a help, although trial and error should aid you to resolve any issues.


  • Recumbent exercise bike with heart rate sensors
  • Six function display monitor
  • It is a direct belt-driven machine
  • Eight magnetic resistance levels
  • Seven horizontal adjustment levels


  • Poorly translated instructions
  • Large feet may catch on the floor
  • Seat rather uncomfortable

Different Types of Exercise Bikes

Now that we’ve examined our top 10 exercise bikes, let’s take a look at a quick rundown of the differences between each style of exercise bike.

Upright Bikes

These are the most popular exercise bikes, probably because they give their rider the closest experience to riding a familiar road bike. As you would assume, you sit upright on these machines with the pedals right under the seat and the handlebars easy to reach.

You can stop pedalling at any time if you need a break, but the exercise is comfortable for long periods of time once you build your stamina a little and become fit. The best upright exercise bikes in the UK can give you an excellent cardio session but it will depend on how strenuous your chosen program is.

Recumbent Bikes

On a recumbent exercise bike, you’re actually in a reclining position with your feet placed on pedals located in front of you as you cycle rather than underneath you. Also notable is the fact that there are no handlebars, just grips at your side if you want to brace yourself. Although, many people prefer to read or surf their phone while peddling. Recumbent bikes are the most comfortable ones to ride and are perfect for people with back problems or older riders, but the workouts aren’t as thorough as with upright or spinning bikes.

Spin Bikes

A spin bike is similar to an upright, with one important difference. Spinners have much heavier flywheels which are the mechanism that drives the chain when you pedal. Also, they have handlebars set further back to allow the rider to bend over while riding which gives the core muscles a good workout. Additionally, they don’t let the rider stop pedalling to rest.

This means that the training requires much more energy and therefore is considerably more intense. The best spin bike models in the UK provide an incredible cardio session and work muscles throughout your entire body but rider “comfort” isn’t a top priority.

Things to Consider When You Buy an Exercise Bike

There are several basic things to consider when you buy fitness equipment like rowing machinestreadmills or cross trainers. Let’s take a look at what those factors are when it comes to indoor exercise bikes.

Space Requirement

Each machine will take up a different footprint which is how much space it takes up.

If you’re limited by the amount of space you have for your bike, the area it covers is an important consideration. If it is limited, you may also want to consider a folding exercise bike or one with wheels which can be put away or moved when not in use.


The sound it produces can also be a factor. The resistance that you are cycling against is created by different mechanisms depending on the model, and some methods are noisier than others.

Fans creating air resistance, or flywheels driven by belts or bands, are most commonly seen on inexpensive bikes. For obvious reasons, the ones with fans tend to create the most noise.

Magnetic resistance bikes are quieter and provide greater control over the variety of fitness programs and courses you can follow, but they’re often a bit more expensive.

Resistance Level

It’s important to be able to control the resistance you’re pedalling against. Higher-level bikes will let you adjust it automatically from your monitor and would have a number of preset programs included.

On the other hand, most lower-level ones require manual adjustment like turning knobs to increase or decrease resistance.

Weight Capacity

Each cycle will have a maximum weight limit it can support. Before you ride, be sure to check this to ensure safety and avoid any accidents even with a recumbent bike.

Display and Console

The final consideration is the complexity of the bike’s display and control console. Most basic options will show you information like speed, distance, time, and calories burned. It will also have at least a few preset programs for your ride.

Higher-priced models will have a plethora of functions including a heart rate monitor that you can attach to your chest rather than one that takes reading from the handlebars. Some even have the ability to download your session information to a phone or tablet which allows you to ensure you are working out at the right intensity.


These top ten exercise bikes offer plenty of choices, whatever style of exercise bike you’re after. But if you’ll still wondering which exercise bike to go for after reading our exercise bike reviews, we think the JLL JF100 Home Exercise Bike as a suitable option for most.

It’s designed to replicate riding a real road bike. Moreover, the JF100 features ten magnetic levels, a 4kg two-way flywheel, an LCD screen, adjustable seat heights and heart rate sensors. All of these features will help you keep track of your exercise routine and progress.

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