Best Multivitamins For Men of 2023

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Top 10 Multivitamins For Men

  1. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Garden of Life Mykind Organics (Luxury Choice)
  3. Seven Seas Perfect7 Man (Best Value) (Best Value)
  4. Centrum 24 Essential Nutrients (Best Supplement)
  5. Nutravita Minerals (Best Vegan)
  6. Solgar Male Multiple Tablets (Best Sugar-Free)
  7. Codeage Whole Food (Best Fermented)
  8. Alive! Energy Gummies (Best Gummies)
  9. Swisse Ultivite (Best Sustainable)
  10. Solgar Male Multiple Tablets

It can be difficult for men to maintain a balanced diet and gain the essential vitamins and minerals they need in today’s fast-paced world. You may not always have time to cook a healthy meal, for example, or you may have to work long hours that leave you tired and mentally drained. This is where the best multivitamin for men in the UK can help. Multivitamins contain a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals to support the normal function of your body. In this guide, we have picked out 10 of the best choices to help you today!

Multivitamin For Men Reviews

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men (Editor’s Choice)

The Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin Supplements are our top pick for the best multivitamin for men. They have an excellent blend of vitamins and minerals and are specifically designed for male metabolism and physiology.


This multivitamin tablet is an excellent source of certain nutrients and has a high content of both vitamin C and magnesium. These can both contribute to your metabolism and energy levels.

Also, these tablets contain zinc which can help support your immune system. We also like that this product contains a useful array of amino acids such as L-leucine.

This product essentially has a great balance of ingredients and could be a good option if you have a vitamin deficiency, like Vitamin D deficiency. We also like the simple container, and each tub contains 180 capsules to be taken three times per day, so each container should last you 2 months.

Although this gives key vitamins, you could find that it can result in stomach issues. Also, it may not be the most convenient multivitamin supplement as you need to take three tablets per day for the best results.


  • Includes essential amino acids and botanicals
  • 38 active ingredients including important nutrients
  • It also includes zinc to help the normal function of your immune system
  • It has a high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A
  • Designed specifically for male metabolism


  • It could give some people stomach issues
  • Not the most convenient as 3x tablets per day are required

Garden of Life Mykind Organics (Luxury Choice)

The Garden of Life Mykind Organics Men’s Once Daily Whole Food Multivitamin contains fermented ingredients that pack a more potent punch. They also include different ingredients like Rhodiola Roseau, which have additional benefits.


This is the best natural multivitamin and is more convenient as it only has to be taken once per day, so you can take one in the morning or the evening, depending on what suits your routine. In this standard container, you get 60 tablets which are enough for two months. The tablets are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

These tablets provide a good range of vitamin B, including B1, B2, B6, and B12. Essentially, the tablets provide 100% of the ideal vitamin B intake.

We also like that they contain a range of fermented and botanical ingredients. These are more potent and can contribute to improved energy levels. Lastly, these tablets also contain Rhodiola Roseau, which can help mental and physical endurance.

Although this is a high-quality multivitamin, it may have some problems. Firstly, the packaging may not be the most ergonomic. Also, the tablets are relatively large, and some may find them difficult to swallow. Lastly, some people could suffer from constipation when taking these tablets.


  • Provides 100% of your daily requirement of B1, B2, B6, and B12
  • It also contains fermented ingredients to support mental health and heart health
  • Minerals and nutrients are easily absorbed into your body
  • Includes Rhodiola Roseau, which can help reduce muscle weakness and support physical endurance
  • Only one tablet per day required


  • The packaging may be a little oversized and wasteful
  • You may find the large tablets difficult to swallow
  • Some people may suffer from constipation

Seven Seas Perfect7 Man (Best Value)

If you need a source of Omega-3 but also want essential nutrients and minerals, the Seven Seas perfect7 Man Multivitamin Tablet is a good option. It provides 7 key benefits to your body, including supporting brain function and cardiovascular health.


These Seven Seas capsules target 7 key areas of your bodily function; metabolism, energy, vision, bones, heart, muscles, and brian.

As a result, they can help your performance in multiple areas and are a well-rounded multivitamin. The formula of these multivitamins also means that they are absorbed easier by your body.

This makes them the best multivitamin for men over 50 whose metabolism may have slowed.

The capsules are also a good source of Omega 3, an essential nutrient that is often lacking via our normal diet. In each pack, you get 60 capsules which will last you a whole month.

These tablets are great for a healthy and varied diet; however, you must take 2x per day for the best effect. Also, some customers have reported receiving incomplete products. Lastly, they may not be suitable for those on a restrictive diet.


  • Includes Omega-3 plus key minerals and vitamins
  • The formula allows effective absorption of the nutrients
  • Can help support cardiovascular health
  • Also can help support energy and brain function
  • It contains Vitamin D to help muscle function


  • Must be taken twice daily for maximum effect
  • Some customers have received half-empty packs
  • They may not be the best for a restrictive diet

Centrum 24 Essential Nutrients (Best Supplement)

If you struggle to gain vitamins and minerals naturally in your diet, the Centrum Men Multivitamin & Mineral Tablets is a great dietary supplement. It has a high content of Vitamin D and all the nutrients your body could need.


Within this potent multivitamin, you get 24 key nutrients, including all the vitamins and minerals you could need.

This includes vitamin E, A, C, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, Biotin, folic acid, niacin, calcium, and phosphorous; you essentially get a complete balance of vitamins and minerals.

The tablets are also tailored for men and have a higher nutrient content in contrast to women’s supplements. In this pack, you get 60 tablets, and you only have to take one tablet per day.

This is the best multivitamin supplement, but some people could experience minor stomach pains. Also, they may not have the best formula for over 50’s. Lastly, as with most multivitamins, the tablets are relatively large.


  • High in Vitamin D
  • Includes 13 essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A and Vitamin K
  • It also contains micronutrients to support your body’s immunity
  • Specially tailored to suit male physiology
  • Sugar-free and gluten-free


  • Some people may experience stomach pains
  • May only be suitable for men under 50
  • The tablets may be quite large to swallow

Nutravita Minerals (Best Vegan)

It can be difficult to find a suitable multivitamin tablet if you are on a restrictive diet. Therefore, the Nutravita Men’s Multivitamins and Minerals are a great choice if you are a vegan or vegetarian.


These multivitamin tablets are excellent for vegans and vegetarians. They also contain some additional ingredients like ginseng and maca root, which offer additional benefits.

In total, you get 25 vitamins and minerals to contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. This includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, iron, zinc, and thiamin.

They can help maintain your normal immunity, reduce fatigue, and improve the quality of bones, skin, teeth, and hair. In this pack, you get 180 tablets.

Although these tablets contain essential nutrients, they do not have a pleasant taste. Also, you could find that some of the tablets have been crushed on delivery.


  • Vegan-friendly for those on a plant-based diet
  • It contains 25 essential vitamins for all your nutritional needs
  • It also contains ginseng and maca root
  • It can help reduce fatigue and tiredness
  • Contributes to improved standard health and immune system


  • The tablets may be quite large and tough to swallow
  • They may also have an unpleasant taste
  • You could find that some tablets are crushed

Solgar Male Multiple Tablets (Best Sugar-Free)

Oftentimes people want to regulate their sugar intake, including both natural and synthetic additives. Therefore, the Solgar Male Multiple Tablets are a great option as they are completely sugar-free.


We like that these tablets are sugar-free but are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and kosher diets. This means they are suitable for a wide variety of men, no matter what your diet choice.

The benefits of these tablets include a reduced chance of blood clotting, reduced risk of heart disease, improved brain function, and support for your immune system.

They can also aid mental focus and have antioxidants that can protect your cells from internal stress. This product provides 120 tablets to be taken three times per day.

These are some of the best in the multivitamin market, but taking three tablets per day can be a chore. Also, it is not unheard of for these tablets to interfere with some people’s sleeping patterns. Lastly, they may not have the best taste.


  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Sugar-free for a healthy lifestyle
  • It contains 26 vitamins to support your overall health
  • It contains collagen, which can help with muscle function and joints
  • It also has calcium which can help your digestive system


  • Requires three tablets to be taken daily
  • You may find that they can interfere with your sleep
  • The taste may be a little unpleasant

Codeage Whole Food (Best Fermented)

Fermented nutrients and minerals can have a more potent impact on our bodies. As a result, the Codeage Whole Food Multivitamin for Men could be a great choice if you want the maximum benefit from this type of supplement.


This product contains fermented foods and herbs. These can support natural energy levels, immunity, and the health of your heart.

The tablets also contain omega-3, which can help with your cardio health. In terms of vitamins, these tablets cover the main requirements, including vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

The fermented ingredients can also improve the utility and potency of key nutrients which can support your digestive system, bones, mental health, and vision. You get 120 capsules which are enough for a 1-month supply.

The only downside with these fermented tablets is that you need to take them 4x per day for the best effect. As a result, they can be expensive. It can also be time-consuming trying to remember to take all the tablets at set intervals.


  • Made from fermented whole foods and herbs
  • It contains over 25 essential vitamins
  • It could help support your energy metabolism
  • It contains Omega 3 to boost cardio health


  • The recommended dose is 4x tablets per day
  • The dosage may make these multivitamins cost-ineffective

Alive! Energy Gummies (Best Gummies)

Not everyone enjoys eating tablets, and some people are physically unable to. Therefore, a product like Alive! Men’s Energy Multivitamin Gummies is a great alternative. These gummies are chewable and easier to eat than a large tablet.


These gummies are made only using natural flavourings. As a result, they should have a real taste that is marginally better than other multivitamins.

Regardless, they also still provide essential vitamins such as B5, B6, B12, A, C, and D. They also include zinc which can support your immunity.

These gummies are also suitable for vegetarians, and you get 60 gummies in the pot, which is enough for a one-month supply.

These are great multivitamins, but the texture of the tablets may not be the most pleasant. As a result, the taste can also be varied. Lastly, these may be less convenient to take as they are a twice-per-day-tablet.


  • Includes vitamins B5, B6, Thiamin, and B12
  • It helps support normal energy levels
  • Vitamins A and B2 should also help support your vision
  • Made from only natural fruit flavours
  • It contains a blend of 26 whole fruits and vegetables


  • Must be taken twice per day for maximum health benefits
  • The tablets may not have the most appealing texture
  • Also, may not have the best taste

Swisse Ultivite (Best Sustainable)

In today’s modern age, many people want to have a minimum impact on their environment. Therefore, the Swisse Ultivite Men’s Daily Multivitamin Tablet are a good option and use sustainably sourced packaging and production methods.


The cartons for these tablets are made from materials only sourced from FSC-certified forests. The labels are also fully recyclable.

For health benefits, the tablets contain 12 essential vitamins, including over 100% of your advised daily intake of vitamin B6. They also contain important vitamins like B, C, D, and E.

The vitamin D content is particularly good and can help support your immune system and general health. In a single tub, you get 30 tablets, and one should be taken per day.

We like these multivitamins, but you could find that some of the tablets are broken on arrival. Also, there could be a strong earthy smell when you initially open the pot.


  • Includes your required daily vitamin intake of Vitamin B
  • It only requires one tablet per day to function properly
  • Cartons are made from sustainable materials
  • It helps promote a healthy immune system
  • It also helps maintain and regulate testosterone levels


  • You could find that some of the multivitamin tablets are broken
  • There may be a slight earthy smell from the pot
  • You may also find that the pot is initially unsealed

Solgar Male Multiple Tablets

The Solgar Male Multiple Tablets offer an excellent selection of vital vitamins and minerals to support normal energy release and the optimum performance of the male metabolism.


These tablets have been crafted to meet the biological needs of men and have a higher mineral and vitamin content than standard tablets.

Vitamin C, B12, B6, D, E, and K are among the vitamins you’ll receive. Each tablet also contains a host of useful minerals, including zinc, copper, folic acid, magnesium, manganese, and collagen.

As a result, these tablets can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and improve your general health and immunity.

We also like that these tablets have a gold industry standard for production. They also use only naturally sourced ingredients. In this jar, you get 60 tablets.

These are great dietary supplements, but the bottle could have a strange smell. Also, these are some of the largest vitamin tablets available and could be difficult to swallow. Finally, you must take three tablets per day for the best effect, which isn’t particularly convenient.


  • Sugar-free tablets for reduced sugar intake
  • Should boost energy
  • The formula is specially tailored for male metabolism and needs
  • It can help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Iodine and Zinc help maintain cognitive function


  • Requires three tablets to be taken per day, which is less convenient
  • Many have a strange smell in the bottle
  • Some may find these difficult to swallow due to their size

How to Choose the Best Multivitamin For Men?

You may find the sheer volume of multivitamins available daunting. Indeed, there are many providers of multivitamins, all of which have similar properties. So how do you choose a suitable brand?

First, you should look at your diet and health. What vitamins and minerals do you feel you are lacking? Do you have any special dietary needs? Do you have any underlying health conditions that restrict your diet? These are all important considerations to make. Once you have done this, take a look at the considerations we have listed below.

Size of Tablet

Many people struggle with swallowing tablets. Unfortunately, most multivitamin tablets are much larger than standard medication. As a result, they may not be the easiest supplement to take.

If you are one such person, it may be beneficial to choose a multivitamin tablet that has a smaller size. Alternatively, there are multivitamin gummies too. These can be chewed like normal gummy bears and are much easier to consume.

vitamin tablets of various sizes

Taste, Texture, and Smell

Following on from the above point, many of the best multivitamins also have a poor taste, texture, and smell. These are generally uncoated tablets. As a result, the outer layer can have a grainy texture that some people find unpleasant.

Also, due to the specifically formulated ingredients, the tablets often have a strange taste. Some may taste earthy, whereas others may just taste disgusting. This is difficult to avoid due to the nature of the product – but it is good to bear this fact in mind.

Frequency of Use

Next, we advise looking at how often you have to take these tablets. Obviously, you don’t have to take the advised dose. However, if you take less than this, you may not benefit properly from the tablet.

Some of the best multivitamins only have to be taken once per day. These are far more convenient to incorporate into your nutritional needs. Alternatively, others have to be taken 2, 3, or even 4 times per day. This can make them less convenient to use, and it can also make them expensive.

A man taking a vitamin supplement

Ingredients Contained

Lastly, and obviously, you should look at what vitamins and minerals the tablets provide. In most instances, these tablets contain all the ket nutrients and vitamins your body need. However, some may have extra ingredients. Alternatively, some may have more of a particular vitamin, for example.

As a result, we advise looking at your diet and what vitamins and minerals you need the most. You can then find which multivitamin matches your needs the closest.


As you can see, there is a wide range of multivitamins available for men. Depending on your physiology, age, and metabolism, any of the above products could help boost your health and contribute to a balanced diet.

However, our pick for the best multivitamin for men UK is the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin Supplements. These tablets give you all the essential vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy diet and lifestyle. They can support your body in numerous ways, including providing normal testosterone levels, normal fertility, and improved energy levels.

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