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Our Favourites

  1. Magnoos Matador (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station (Luxury Choice)
  3. GM Unisex’s Door Gym (Best Value)

Finding time to exercise and keep in shape is often difficult. Many of us live busy lives and have hectic schedules. This doesn’t always leave time to fit a session at the gym in.

There are ways that you can exercise and build muscle strength in your home, however. One great and simple way is to use the best pull up bar in the UK. Pull up bars are simple inventions that allow you to perform a variety of exercises in one of your house’s door frames. These bars are usually extendable and push outwards to form a secure connection within a doorframe – without damaging the frame itself!

The most common exercise is the standard pull up. This compound exercise helps build upper body strength and back muscles. You can also do exercises like chin-ups, forearm pull-ups, and a dead hang.

As you can see, a mounted pull-up bar is a potent fitness tool and can help you get in shape without leaving the house! In this guide, we have listed ten of the top-rated pull-up bars available in the market for your benefit.

Best Pull Up Bar Reviews – Top 9 Picks

Magnoos Matador (Editor’s Choice)

The Magnoos Pull-Up Bar Matador is an excellent multi-purpose option and can be used for both door frames and floor exercises. It is one of the best over-the-door pull up bar options and can be installed without any drilling or screws. Offering a maximum weight capacity of 130kg, this doorway pull-up makes a great addition to any home gym.

This Magnoos Matador pull-up bar has a simple design that allows you to fit it in place without the need for tools. It is designed in such a way that also forms a strong connection and a stable base to perform pull-ups. Additionally, the bar is 20cm higher than most other pull-ups, which makes it suitable for taller people. It also allows for a greater extension when doing pull-ups.

This is a great wall mounted pull up bar but the rubber fixings have been known to leave black marks on doorframes. This may not be an issue for homeowners, but for tenants in a rented property, it could cause an issue. Also, some people have reported that the main grips are not the most comfortable and can lead to blisters. As a result, we advise using workout gloves when exercising with this bar.

Still, if you’re on a hunt for the best pull up bars for home, this one is worth checking. What’s more, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • No screws required for installation
  • 20cm higher than most other bars to provide freedom of movement
  • Load bearing up to 130kg
  • Can work for doorframes up to 21cm deep, and 92cm wide
  • Long padded grip section for multiple grip positions
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days


  • Rubber parts may leave black marks on doorframes
  • May need gloves when using this pull up bar

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station (Luxury Choice)

If you’re looking for the best home pull up bar station, the Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station is an excellent choice. For those who have a dedicated place for a home gym or an unused garage, this could be the perfect workout addition. It is a full workout dip station and can be used for an excellent array of upper body and core exercises. This is a top luxury choice and an ideal product for those serious about getting in shape.

The Sportsroyals Power Tower has multiple points for different exercises. There is a pull-up bar at the top with four grip positions. Also, there are arm grips in the centre so you can perform tricep dips. At the bottom, you can find two handles which are perfect for press-ups.

It has a robust design and the weight is distributed evenly due to the T-shaped anchor points and legs. This will prevent the Power Tower dip station from falling over, and means that it does not have to be secured to the floor. It works as a free-standing pull-up equipment. It also has additional features like a headrest and padded grips for better leverage and comfort. Plus, it is able to support a maximum user weight of 200kg. What’s more, the company offer a 3-year service for this pull-up Power Tower, including replacement of damaged and lost parts.

This is a great workout station but it is obviously bulky. Ideally, because of the much larger design, you need a dedicated space to use this home gym equipment. It is not suitable for use indoors and not ideal for apartments or smaller rented accommodation. Also, the frame is much heavier and harder to move than a standard doorway pull-up bar.


  • Multi-functional for a wide variety of exercises
  • Made from 14-gauge heavy square steel
  • Maximum user weight of up to 200kg
  • Ergonomic design to prevent sweating on the station
  • Adjustable height of the station from 165cm to 225cm
  • 3-year service with parts replacement


  • Requires a large space to be used
  • Heavier and bulkier than a simple pull up bar

GM Unisex’s Door Gym (Best Value)

If you want a simple exercise product without spending a fortune, the GM Unisex’s Door Gym is a great choice. It is one of the best door frame pull up bar options, thanks to its simple installation process and wide array of exercises you can complete. There is also no drilling or screws required, so it is another ideal doorway pull-up for rented accommodation.

This GM Door Gym presents a simple design and fixes into place using the principle of opposite forces. It does not require any screws and forms a solid connection over your door frame.

Also, it has many padded sections to prevent damage and provides a firm multi-grip when completing exercises. We also like that the bar has two grip positions so you can perform standard pull-up exercises, as well as other sets like forearm grips. In addition, this bar is incredibly lightweight and does not take up much space for storage. It can also support a maximum user weight of 130kg.

This is a great buy for any fitness enthusiast, but it does have a few issues. Firstly, it is made from multiple pieces of steel. As a result, it is not 100% stable and can be prone to wobbling. Also, the foam pads are not the best quality and will eventually wear down after prolonged usage. Over time, you may need to replace the pads or even the bar completely.


  • Made from robust heavy-duty steel
  • Should fit all standard doorframes between 24-32 inches
  • Relatively simple installation process
  • Both vertical and horizontal grips for multiple exercises
  • No drilling or tools required for installation


  • The bar is not made from one solid piece of steel
  • Foam pads will eventually wear out and need replacing

Ultrasport 2-Way (Best Single Bar)

The Ultrasport 2-way pull up bar is a simple product that takes up minimal space and is fantastic for those who have limited storage. It is a single horizontal bar and you can easily store it within a wardrobe for quick access. The rubber closures should also mean that the bar does not leave any marks and it is, therefore, suitable for rented properties.

The Ultrasport 2-way pull-up bar is made from one solid piece of steel and is, therefore, robust and durable. Also, it does not require any additional tools to install and uses a twisting mechanism to place pressure on your doorframe.

It has two large grips for your hands that make it comfortable to use for pull-ups and chin-up. Also, at each end, there are rubber closures that help to reduce any potential marks and damage on your doorframe.

Although this pull-up bar is reliable and effective, it does have a couple of issues. Firstly, the installation process can be difficult. It uses a twisting mechanism and it can be tricky to secure the bar and twist it correctly. Also, the bar does not have any features to stop it from twisting. Therefore, you must ensure you have a secure grip, otherwise your hands could potentially slide off of the bar.


  • Made from sturdy steel
  • No screws or drilling required
  • Comfortable pad grips giving a firm grip
  • Can support a load-bearing capacity of up to 100kg
  • Rubber closures on each end to minimize doorframe marks


  • Can be difficult to install
  • The bar can twist when using it

Ultrasport Multifunctional (Best For Doorway)

The Ultrasport Multifunctional Door pull up bar is the best doorway pull up bar in our list. It has a relatively simple design and is great for use in rented accommodation where you do not want to leave marks or drill holes in your doorframes. This is a lighter load-bearing bar and suitable for children, or lightweight fitness enthusiasts.

This Ultrasport product has a simple design but it is great for upper body workouts and can also be used as a free-standing station. It is fixed in place using a dual pressure mechanism. The back part locks into place on the top of your doorframe, whilst the main bar pushes against it, thus creating a solid connection.

We also like that you can purchase this pull up bar with additional wrist wraps that help protect your wrists and provide support when performing exercises on the bar.

Although this is one of the best chin-up bar options today, it does have a few flaws. For one, it has a limited load-bearing capacity and may not be suitable for bulkier users. Its maximum load-bearing capacity is just 80kg. Also, the bar is not made from one solid piece of steel. As a result, it can wobble in the middle which may be disconcerting to some users.


  • No screws required to fix into the doorframe
  • Can easily be removed without leaving traces
  • Thick pads providing excellent grip
  • Can be used for a good range of upper body exercises
  • Versatile, can be placed either on the door or on the floor
  • Made from durable steel and high-quality foam


  • May not be suitable for heavier users
  • The bar can wobble in the middle
  • Some of the screws provided are a bit shorter

Innovation Fitness Powerbar 2 (Best Free-Standing)

The Innovation Fitness Powerbar 2 is an excellent doorway pull-up and can also be used as a free-standing exercise bar on the floor. It fixes onto your doorframe without the need for screws or drilling. And, when used as a free-standing frame, it allows you to comfortably perform other exercises like push-ups, tricep dips, and sit-ups.

The Innovation Fitness Powerbar 2 has a design that uses two grip points to secure into your doorframe. The rear grip points extend over the top of the doorframe and clamp down whilst the front grip points simply push onto the frame. This forms a secure connection without the need for screws and bolts. It is also easy to store as the rear grip handles fold inwards so it can lie flat in a wardrobe, for example.

Due to its configuration, the bar can also be used as a free-standing device for floor exercises. This makes it versatile and means it can be used for a full-body workout. Plus, this free-standing pull-up bar comes with a fully welded structure. Hence, you can be sure that it’ll stand the test of time.

One of the significant downsides of this doorway pull up bar is that it does not have a large padded grip. The main bar has minimal grip and as a result, is not very comfortable to use. Gloves are essential when using this tool. Also, the bar and frame are not adjustable. It is essentially a one-size-fits-all product.


  • Made from a fully welded frame for extra durability
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • Free-standing pull up design for floor exercises
  • Simple fixing mechanism with no screws required
  • Will not leave any damage on your doorframe


  • The bar has a minimal grip
  • Not adjustable

Sportstech Hexagonal (Best For Upper Body)

The Sportstech Hexagonal pull-up bar is next on our list for the best pull up bar in the UK. It is a brilliant fitness tool if you want to concentrate on upper body strength. Made from heavy-duty materials, you can use it comfortably to perform doorway pull-ups, chin-ups, and other upper body workout.

The Sportstech Pull-Up bar is installed using a twisting feature. You place the bar in position inside your doorframe and then twist it to extend the bar and apply pressure onto the frame. The hexagonal ends mean that the pressure is distributed over six individual points for greater security.

We also like that the bar has high-quality padding that extends for the full length of the bar. This means it is comfortable to use, but you can also position your hands in various ways to workout different parts of your body. It also has additional tension levers which should help secure the bar and stop it from rotating.

An issue with this pull up bar is that the tension levers are prone to breaking. They are meant to keep the bar from twisting, but their design is not the best and may eventually snap off. Also, there is the potential to twist the bar too much when fixing it in place, which could cause damage to your doorframe. Nonetheless, its exceptional features makes it one of the best pull-up bars we’ve seen.


  • Hexagonal fixing system for optimal force distribution
  • 2 tension levers will help prevent any bar rotation
  • Full-length padding for a comfortable grip
  • Comes with free training gloves
  • Made from sturdy stainless steel


  • Some have reported the tension levers have broken
  • The twisting mechanism can be applied too much

JX Fitness Wall-Mounted (Best Wall Mounted)

If you’re searching for the best wall mounted pull-up bar, the JX Fitness offers an exceptionally solid option. This durable steel wall mounted bar can be installed on brick surfaces like exterior walls. It is a great permanent solution for homeowners who have a dedicated home workout area in their garage or garden.

The JX Fitness pull up bar has a simple frame design that includes two anchor points with four bolt holes. To attach this wall mounted pull up bar, you will need to screw the eight anchors into a solid surface. Hence, it is not suitable for internal stud walls. We also like that this bar has multiple grip positions. You can use it for standard pull-ups and chin-ups, as well as for forearm grips and other exercises.

Also, it has three eyelets that can be used to attach additional accessories. For example, you could attach a boxing punch bag. It can support a maximum load of 275lbs and is made from heavy-duty steel.

The downside of this wall mounted pull up bar is that it is not suitable for indoor usage, unless you want to place anchor bolts and holes in your internal walls. Also, according to some pull-up bar reviews we’ve read, the anchor bolts supplied are not the strongest.


  • Made from heavy-duty steel and high-density foam
  • Can be used for multiple upper body and core exercises
  • Compact design
  • 3 eyelets that can be used to attach other training devices
  • Great for use on external walls or garages


  • Anchor bolts supplied are not the best quality
  • Not suitable for interior walls or doorframes

BeMaxx Professional Chin-Up (Best Foldable)

The BeMaxx Professional pull up bar is a solid doorway pull up option and provides a simple setup process that requires no drilling or screws. It also has foldable parts which mean you can easily store it if you have limited room. For rented properties, this provides a great way to do pull-ups.

This BeMaxx doorway pull up features a dual grip design that uses opposite forces to lodge the bar in place. It forms a secure connection and can be set up without the need for drilling. Also, the design of the connecting parts means that it should leave no marks on your doorframes.

It has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 130kg and is made from durable steel. It only has a horizontal grip position. However, the grip padding is wide so you can easily place your hands in different positions. For storage, the rear holding arms can also be freely folded flat to run parallel with the main bar. Meaning, it can be easily stored in small spaces. Additionally, it is suitable for door frames between 12-21cm deep and 70-92cm wide.

The main drawback of this doorway pull up bar is the lack of padding on the main grip. Compared to other products, its grip has minimal padding and can eventually wear away. Consequently, it can be uncomfortable to use and gloves are advised.


  • No drilling or screws required for installation
  • Made from high-quality solid steel
  • A load-bearing capacity of up to 130kg
  • Includes a free training guide showing different exercises
  • Can be partially folded for easy storage


  • The grip has minimal padding and can be uncomfortable

How to Choose the Right Pull Up Bar?

The design, size, and functionality of pull up bars differ greatly. As a result, you must understand how to choose a product that is suitable for you and your home. To help, we have created a simple buying guide below.

Doorframe Fixing Method

Firstly, you should consider how the bar fixes to the doorframe. Some bars fit inside the doorframe and expand outwards to put pressure on the frame. Thus, locking themselves in place. This is an effective method, but it could potentially lead to warping and distortion of your doorframe.

The alternative method is a dual pressure system that fixes the bar in place via two opposing grips that clamp the bar on either side of the frame. This doesn’t put pressure on the inside of the door frame, but it can put pressure on the outer face and may leave marks.

Size and Weight

Next, you should look at the size of the pull-up bar. How heavy is it? Is it easy to lift and fix in place? Also, what are its dimensions? Before making a purchase, you should measure your doorframe so you are absolutely certain that the doorway pull-up you buy fits perfectly.

Handle Configuration

The handle configuration is important as it can provide additional exercise types and give you greater freedom when using the pull-up bar.

Some bars are simple and straight with grips for your hands running parallel to the bar. This type is useful for pull-ups, chin-ups, and other exercises where your palms must be facing inwards or outwards.

However, some bars also have an additional set of handles facing down or outwards. These additional handles allow you to perform different exercises like forearm pull-ups. Consider what type of exercise you wish to do, and which handle configuration is suitable.

Other Exercises

Many wall-mounted pull-up bars have additional uses such as the mounted pull-ups that have secondary handles. These can be placed on the floor in a triangular configuration and you can use them to do floor exercises like push-ups and tricep dips.


Finally, you should look at how easy the bar is to store. These products are usually quite bulky and do not fold up. As a result, you must have sufficient storage space unless you intend to leave the bar permanently fixed into your door frame.


We hope you have found this guide on the best pull up bar in the UK useful. Any of these pull-ups make a great choice, but it depends on what type of exercise you intend to do, and the available space you have in your home. Our top choice is the Magnoos Matador pull-up bar. This product is fantastic and has a simple design that can be easily fixed onto most doorframes. Also, it is made from durable material and has excellent padding to prevent leaving marks on the wood. With a weight capacity of 130kg and it being around 20cm higher than most other bars, it offers you a great range of motion and is more suitable for taller people.

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