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Top 10 Best Punch Bags

  1. Dripex Adult-Free (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Gallant 6ft Max Strike 360 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Himifuture 160cm (Best Value)
  4. Gallant 5.5 feet (Best Heavy Duty)
  5. ONEX Heavy Filled (Best With Accessories)
  6. RDX 13-Piece Set (Best For Shorter Boxers)
  7. Maxx Pro 5-Piece Set (Best Leather Choice)
  8. Dripex 5.7 Feet (Best For Beginners)
  9. Kitopa Freestanding (Best Tear-Resistant)
  10. Everlast Nevatear (Best For Toughness)

Are you looking for the best punch bag UK customers can find but have no idea where to start? In this article, we list the top 10 punch bags for combat sports and martial arts that are made of the highest quality.

Built to last and to challenge your workouts, these punching bags will totally transform how you exercise and help you to see and feel results. Not everyone has experience of using a punching bag, which is why we included some beginner-friendly models as well as kid-friendly options to keep youngsters fit and healthy. We haven’t forgotten serious boxers, too, because you’ll find an array of high-quality, heavy bags below that are tailored towards the more serious boxer. Let’s discover our top 10 picks.

Punch Bag Reviews

Dripex Adult-Free (Editor’s Choice)

This is the best free standing punch bag you can buy right now. Suited for all floors and standing 69-inches in height with a 10-inch diameter, this punching bag is ideal for people measuring 47–73cm in height.

It’s expertly crafted with an upgraded shock-absorbing system along with four springs to achieve 360-degree shock and noise absorption. You can even remove the springs for fewer vibrations when you want to embark on intensive strength training.

No matter your workout intensity, this heavy punch bag is designed to roll or move around easily should you want to take it into different rooms. In particular, the 12 strong suction cups at the base stop it from moving around while you’re punching it. Plus, it weighs around 137 pounds once filled with water or 182 pounds when filled with sand to increase/decrease the intensity.

Furthermore, it’s crafted with high-quality materials such as a stainless steel tube stand encased in a multi-layer construction. Also, its tear-resistant, high-density EPE foam and eco-friendly fabric buffer ensure that it withstands long-term, intense use.

On the other hand, this punching bag’s hole (where you fill it with water/sand) might be quite small. Additionally, setting it up might be quite difficult and time-consuming. 


  • 12 strong suction cups prevent it from moving around during use
  • Includes shock and noise absorption
  • Removable springs for fewer vibrations 
  • High-quality materials to keep it long-lasting and durable


  • The hole to fill the bag with water/sand might be quite small
  • The setup process might be quite difficult and time-consuming

Gallant 6ft Max Strike 360 (Luxury Choice)

Upgrade your workout equipment to this luxury punch bag. Compared to a traditional freestanding bag, this punching bag doesn’t require you to hang it from the ceiling, so there’s no mess, nuts or bolts needed. In fact, it’s super easy to set up and ready to use in minutes. Packaged in two separate parts, the pieces of this punch bag come together easily, and it stands at 5.25 feet tall, making it the best free standing punch bag for both kids and adults to punch and kick.

This punch bag absorbs shocks thanks to its 5cm EPA foam thickness, which absorbs every hit to protect it from damage and prevent any movement while you’re exercising. 

Furthermore, this free standing punch bag boasts a stylish design, and it’s available in various colours to complement your home gym. Best of all, it’s ideal for beginners since it features numbered sections to help you make accurate hits.

It’s worth noting that this punch bag’s base might be too narrow for those looking for a wider option. So you might need to fill it with lots of sand to prevent it from toppling over. Plus, excessive, hard-punching might cause the bottom to crack open, so it might not be appropriate for serious gym-goers.


  • Sets up in minutes with no drilling or nailing involved
  • Shock-absorbing technique with 5 cm of foam thickness
  • Numbered sections to help with accuracy
  • It can be filled with water or sand 
  • Available in various colours to suit your gym’s design


  • Some people might prefer a thicker base for more stability
  • The bottom might crack open with excessive force

Himifuture 160cm (Best Value)

If you’re on a budget, this might be the best bag for you. It inflates in minutes, making it ideal for taking on the go or for a simple, quick setup. You can also add water or sand to the base first to enhance stability.

Measuring 160cm in height and including one water inlet, three air inlets, a base, neck and body, it’s super compact. It’s a great punching bag for beginners or children since it doesn’t require as much force to knock it away from you compared to the other punching bags on this list.

This punching bag adopts a soft feature that’s shock-absorbing to protect your hands and feet from injuries. All the while, its stable structure remains firmly in place while you punch it.

However, this punching bag might deflate quite easily if you’re a strong puncher, so you might need to inflate it during use or adopt shorter training sessions. Plus, it might just use a PVC material, as there’s no mention of other shock-absorbing materials like foam.


  • Inflates in several minutes for a quick setup
  • Option of adding water or sand to the base for firm stability 
  • Ideal for beginners since you don’t need as much force to knock it away
  • Shock-absorbing feature to protect your hands
  • Great for transportation and taking on the go


  • It might deflate quite easily with intense punches or for long training sessions
  • It might just include a PVC material, as there’s no mention of foam

Gallant 5.5 feet (Best Heavy Duty)

This punching bag is best for heavy-duty use and intense punches since it includes a shock-absorbing, 5cm EPE foam to absorb every hit while protecting this punch bag from damage or injuries to you.

Crafted with a narrow, stable base that you can fill with either water or sand, it’s easier to move the bag around while remaining firmly in position without toppling over from punches.

Its tall design, measuring up to 5.5 feet, makes it great for serious boxing training. It’s also available in four colours, so you can choose a design that best suits your preferences or complements your home gym setup.

On the other hand, this punching bag might not be ideal for children or beginners since it boasts a firm design that requires a lot of force. Additionally, you might need to be aware of some potential water leakage if you hit this punching bag hard.


  • Shock-absorbing, heavy-duty design to remain long-lasting and prevent injuries
  • It has a narrow base that makes it more appropriate for smaller spaces
  • It stands at 5.5 feet, making it ideal for adults 
  • Available in four designs
  • 5cm of shock-absorbing foam for intense hits


  • It might not be ideal for children or beginners
  • It might leak water with intense punches

ONEX Heavy Filled (Best With Accessories)

This heavy punching bag comes with pretty much everything you need for a serious training schedule or if you’re a beginner and don’t have any equipment at home. These accessories include a 4-foot punch bag, hand wraps, boxing gloves, keyring, car hanging mini gloves, hanging steel swivel chain, wrist support/gym training straps and a skipping rope to help you get fitter.

Moreover, you don’t need to add sand or water to this punching bag since it’s already thick and padded, so you needn’t worry about increasing its weight if you’re a serious trainer. 

On the other hand, this punching bag’s 4-foot height might be too small for some people, but you can adjust the height at which it hangs thanks to its instalment. In addition, this punch bag might require a permanent fixture, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking for one to take on the go or if you only want a temporary punch bag.


  • Includes an array of accessories, making it ideal for beginners or serious fitness enthusiasts
  • It doesn’t require sand or water to bulk up the size
  • Exceptional price for the accessories included
  • It weighs 25kg, which is ideal for serious punching
  • Thick and padded materials for excellent durability


  • Its 4-foot height might be too short for some people
  • It might require some drilling, which isn’t ideal for rented properties

RDX 13-Piece Set (Best For Shorter Boxers)

This RDX punch bag comes with an array of accessories, making it ideal for beginners and/or those who are serious about boxing. These accessories include 18 iron ceiling hooks, gloves with a gel foam padding, a pair of hand wraps, steel chains, one jump rope, two bracelets, one punch bag strap, one hand gripper, a boxing glove keyring, a punch bag strap hook, and of course, a punching bag, which stands at four-five feet tall.

Store this punching bag wherever you have space or where your home gym is. You’ll receive high-quality powder-coated iron ceiling hooks, which are ideal for holding up this heavy bag in a garage or where space is fairly limited. Once you know where you’re storing this punch bag, the steel chains with S-hooks hold it firmly in place for excellent stability and resistance to prevent any falling.

Moreover, the included boxing gloves are ideal for practising jabs and uppercuts while having gel foam padding to protect your hands against injuries from heavy impacts. Above all, the elastic wrist support stabilises your punch form for the best punching technique.

While this punching bag is of good quality, one downside is that it isn’t a free-standing bag, which might not be ideal if you live in a rented property or don’t want a permanent fixture. Plus, the gloves might not be available in various sizes. 


  • Includes gloves with gel foam padding to protect your hands
  • It measures four-five feet tall, which is great for shorter boxers
  • Includes an array of accessories
  • Remains stable with intense punches
  • Includes high-quality iron ceiling hooks for stability
  • Excellent durability and a rip-resistant design


  • Requires permanent installation, which might not be ideal for rented properties
  • Gloves might not be available in a choice of sizes

Maxx Pro 5-Piece Set (Best Leather Choice)

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Dripex 5.7 Feet (Best For Beginners)

This punching bag is what you need for a full-body workout. This punch bag stands 175cm tall and has a 26cm diameter, making it suitable for people between 47 and 73-inches in height.

Moreover, this could be the best free standing punch bag with shock-absorbing technology. In fact, the dual TPU absorbers and four springs achieve 360-degree shock and noise absorption. As a result, this punch bag doesn’t offer much base movement, so you can enhance your boxing skills without this bag bouncing back into your face. Alternatively, remove the springs for fewer vibrations for more intensive strength training.

Its base can be filled with sand or water (and it weighs around 137 pounds when filled with water and 182 pounds when filled with sand). Plus, the rounded ABS base tank is crafted so that this punch bag doesn’t roll or relocate easily. Plus, the 12 suction cups further prevent base movement.

Finally, this punch bag boasts a stainless steel tube stand with multi-layer construction. This includes a high-density EPE foam, an eco-friendly fabric buffer and a 2mm PU leather surface. The combination of these materials makes this punching bag tear-resistant and durable.

On the other hand, this punch bag might not be ideal for intensive boxing sessions since it might still move with hard punches. Plus, the stitching might become frayed if you add too much sand or water to this punch bag.


  • Includes shock-absorbing technology and springs
  • Has 12 suction cups to prevent movement 
  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • It stands tall, making it ideal for adults 
  • Great for beginners 


  • You might still encounter some movement with hard punches 
  • Stitching might easily fray

Kitopa Freestanding (Best Tear-Resistant)

This heavy bag stands at around 175cm in height and offers a durable and safe way to kick and punch at home. Finished with a premium PU leather cover, high-density foam and stainless steel tube stand, this punching bag provide a comfortable surface for punching and kicking.

Additionally, this durable punch bag includes dual TPU absorbers and four springs to reduce noise and vibrations. There’s also the option of removing the springs for minimal vibrations when you want to increase your training intensity

Sporting a rounded ABS base tank, this punch bag is crafted for easy roll relocation. In fact, it includes 12 strong suction cups beneath, which further work to stop base movement, so it can handle powerful kicks and punches.

Best of all, this traditional heavy bag offers a tear-resistant and durable design that allows you to exercise your arms, legs, chest and other body parts. In fact, this bag is also helpful for sensitivity training and stress release. 

On the other hand, this punch bag might not come with any accessories, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a full set to begin your boxing training. In addition, you might not be able to tighten the screws on the base should they come loose. 


  • Includes high-quality materials like stainless steel and high-density foam
  • 12 suction cups prevent this punch bag from moving
  • Tear-resistant and durable design
  • Stylish design that blends into a home workout setup
  • Shockproof and firm design 


  • It might not include any workout accessories 
  • You might not be able to tighten the screws on the base should they come loose

Everlast Nevatear (Best For Toughness)

Finally, this is the best punching bag for toughness because it uses a special blend of vinyl with a heavy-duty chain and swivels to prevent any frays or damage. This punch bag also boasts a shock-absorbing design while remaining resilient to intense punches and kicks.

It’s layered with synthetic leather and webbed vinyl to outlast even the most powerful hits. This heavy punching bag, weighing 25kg, won’t move around much upon contact like other bags might. Furthermore, this punch bag boasts reinforced stitching for enhanced durability that won’t fray. 

On the other hand, this punching bag stands at 3-feet tall, which might be slightly too short for some people. In addition, this bag might not be ideal for those with a weak wrist or if you’re a beginner since it has thick foam. 


  • It weighs 25kg, so it won’t move around upon contact
  • Shock-absorbing design to remain resilient
  • High-quality, durable materials that withstand punches and kicks
  • Reinforced stitching for durability 
  • The thick foam makes it hard to punch for an intense workout


  • Its 3-feet height might be too short for some people
  • It might not be ideal for beginners or those with a weak wrist

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Punching Bag for Home Use

Not sure which punch bag is right for your fitness regime? Consider the below factors to assist you throughout the buying guide.

Freestanding Bags vs Hanging Punch Bags

The first thing to know is what type of punching bag is best for your home setup and needs. Freestanding bags tend to be the most popular type of punch bag and tend to have a lighter weight than hanging bags. Rather than hanging from the ceiling, freestanding punch bags stand upright on the floor and come with an empty base that you then fill with sand or water.

Freestanding Bags

There are many benefits to this type of punch bag, with the best one being easy installation. You don’t need any permanent fixtures to hang a freestanding punch bag, making it ideal for rented homes while saving you the hassle of a complex setup. Just attach the base to the punch bag, and you’re good to go. Best of all, a freestanding punch bag is much easier to use because they’re made with soft foam, making them kind of on your knuckles.

On the other hand, a freestanding bag might take up a lot of floor space, which not only takes up some room in your home gym but limits your footwork training.

Additionally, you’ll encounter less resistance with a freestanding punch bag compared to a hanging bag. They tend to move around more with a strike, so you’ll need to wait a few seconds for it to stabilise before you punch again. Since these punch bags are easier to install, they tend to be a more expensive purchase, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a budget punch bag.

Hanging Punch Bags

Alternatively, hanging bags are more commonly found in gyms and are available in various weights that are filled with sand, water or even foam to increase their overall weight. This type of punch bag is available in a more diverse selection, and the best types have a shock-absorbing exterior with leather material.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of punch bag is that it simulates the feeling of having a real opponent opposite you. With a swinging motion, you can focus on using your feet as if you were in a real fight. And, with the punch bag moving backwards and forwards, you can practise moving and ducking between attacks.

A boxer working out at the gym

For this incredible benefit, you’d expect these heavy bags to be more expensive; but that’s not the case. Hanging bags tend to be cheaper. Plus, they tend to take up less space since you hang them from your ceiling. Therefore, you can easily integrate them into your surroundings without having to make many adjustments.  

Built to last and made of durable materials, this type of punch bag is much heavier and designed to withstand intense power. So you can kick and punch with extreme power without worrying that the bag will rip or burst. This quality is highly important for professional/serious trainers. 

It’s worth keeping in mind that these bags require a more tricky installation process since you’ll need to attach the bag to your ceiling permanently. As a result, you’ll need an abundance of equipment, such as a ladder, screwdriver and more, which won’t be included with the punch bag.

Bear in mind as well that their installation is permanent, and if you want to remove the bag, this is much more difficult. Plus, these punch bags might require a trainer or someone to assist you with holding the bag in place as you make your strikes and move around. 


Punch bags are available with various fillings, the most common options being sand and water. If you’re considering a heavy bag, sand and sawdust make the best fillings to make the punch bag firmer. 


Punch bags also come in various weights, so it’s important that you choose the right weight for your strength for a good workout. If the punch bag is too light, you won’t be able to punch and kick it as hard, which won’t equate to an intense workout. Alternatively, if the punch bag is too light, you might not get as much power as you would with a heavy bag. 

Generally speaking, choose the punch bag’s weight based on your weight and height. For example, someone who’s 5’5” and weighs 160lbs might want to consider a 50lb punch bag. Although, if you’re shorter than this or want your kids to use your free standing punch bag, you’ll need to consider a shorter one that’s more comfortable for them to reach.


Next, it’s time to discuss what material(s) you want on your punch bag. The material(s) you choose influences the bag’s quality and comfort, so ensure that you decide wisely.


A leather punch bag might be the most expensive, but it is the most durable and comfortable of all the materials. If you’re serious about your training, it’s time to invest in a high-quality punch bag so you can perform elbow strikes without hurting yourself. You’ll also notice that this material is less resistant to wear and tear and frays, enabling you to punch the bag harder and for it to last longer.

Synthetic Leather

An alternative to leather punch bags is synthetic leather. It’s cheaper than leather but offers some similar benefits while remaining cheaper; it’s a win-win. You’ll also notice that a punching bag made of synthetic leather lasts much longer than a canvas punch bag.


This material is one of the cheapest options for punching bags, making it ideal for beginners, those on a budget or beginners. It’s important to note that canvas punching bags can feel less comfortable on the hands, so you might need to wear boxing gloves during your workouts or not hit and kick the bag as hard.

Tips for Using a Punching Bag

Now that you might be more comfortable with the factors to consider with a punching bag, it’s time to check out our tips for using this workout equipment. 

Keep a Good Balance

All too often, people follow their arm through with punches to the bag and lose their balance. To avoid this, ensure that you stand firmly on the ground to prevent yourself from falling into the bag. This is essential if you’ll be training seriously. With each punch or kick, don’t let the bag be what holds you up, and avoid pushing with your shoulders.  

Punch and Kick Hard

Powerful momentum is what drives your punch, so ensure that you give your maximum amount of power with every punch. You don’t want the bag to move gently; you want it to move with force (even if it naturally has a heavyweight). Some people analyse their strength based on the contact sound made between their fists and the punch bag. But instead, you want a deep thud sound with every contact to guide you.

Commit power with every punch and kick. If you notice that your arms get tired quickly, you’re probably pushing your arms instead of punching them. You can always try limiting the number of punches you make to make each punch count.

A boxer punches with force

Use Your Feet

We mentioned earlier how important it is to have your feet firmly on the ground, but this is also important for driving the force behind your punches. So stand with your feet apart and use the force from your heels to force your first forward. It’s also worthwhile upgrading your footwear for a sturdy, reliable base. 

Remain Active During Rest Seconds

As you get more comfortable using your punch bag and increase your training, you want to build up your fitness by remaining active during your resting moments. Don’t just throw one punch and have a little rest before throwing another. Remain ready to attack and keep your feet moving so that you’re always alert.

Protect Your Face

Develop good technique by imagining that you’re fighting in the real world. In which case, you’ll want to keep your hands in front of your face to protect yourself from getting punched. Don’t drop your hands down to your side when you’re not making contact with the punch bag. You should also keep your elbows down to protect your body at the same time. 

The Benefits of Using a Punching Bag

There are many healthy reasons to own and use a punching bag, and below are some of the top benefits of regularly working out at home with a punching bag.

Improves Aerobic Fitness

Most of us will admit to not doing aerobic fitness enough. Fortunately, using a punching bag can help with this because it involves multiple movements and constantly changing your body position. If you can punch powerfully for two minutes continuously, you’ll improve your workout routine and make exercise more intense. To further increase the aerobic benefits, gradually increase your punching time.

Strength Your Coordination

Kicking and punching a punching bag requires a lot of hand-foot-eye coordination, which, in turn, increases your core stability. Focus on perfecting your hand and feet connection so that you move in sync with yourself. 

Build Muscle

If you want to increase your muscle mass, you need to use your muscles during vigorous workouts. Punch bags will certainly boost your muscle power—without the need for additional weights—to help you feel physically and mentally stronger. In fact, punching works out your arms, back, chest, shoulders and waist. You can even increase the number of muscles you’re exercising by kicking the punching bag, too.

Increase Endurance

Punching bags will certainly make your workouts more difficult and increase your heart rate and oxygen supply. As a result, this keeps your heart and lungs healthy, resulting in an overall happier and healthier you. Each time you exercise, your organs have to work hard to transport oxygen and blood around your body, which increases your stamina and endurance. 

Develop Self-Defence Skills

If you’ve ever felt threatened, you know how uncomfortable that feeling is. But imagine if you had some techniques under your belt that would help you to be more prepared in the event of an attack.

Not only that, by there’s something so cathartic about kicking and punching an inanimate object after a stressful day. Channel negative energy in a positive way! 

The Best Punch Bag in the UK

We hope you enjoyed reading these punch bag reviews and that you have a clearer understanding of what factors to look for when choosing your very own. But if we could only suggest one punch bag to our readers, it’d be the Dripex Adult-Free bag.

This punching bag includes a shock-absorbing system with dual TPU absorbers and four springs for shock and noise absorption. (You can even remove these springs to intensify your training). Additionally, this punching bag has a rounded ABS filled base with 12 strong suction cups to keep it from moving. Plus, weighing 137 pounds with water or 182 pounds with sand, you can adjust the bag’s weight according to your strengths.

Do you have any other punching bags to recommend that we haven’t listed? Let us know your recommendations, as well as training tips, in the comments.

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