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Top 10 Best Thermal Socks

  1. Justay 5 Pairs Ladies Winter (Editor’s Choice)
  2. FALKE Men’s Cosyshoe (Luxury Choice)
  3. Caterpillar 6 Pairs Men’s (Best Value)
  4. Danish Endurance Light Outdoor (Best for Hiking)
  5. Chalier 5 Pairs Women’s (Best for Everday Use)
  6. MOSOTECH 5 Pairs Ladies
  7. Arctic Comfort 4 Pairs Men’s
  8. Bonjour 4 Pairs of Men’s High Performance
  9. Ayra 12 Pairs Men’s
  10. YUEDGE Men’s Athletic

If you’re often exposed to the cold, it’s important to keep your feet warm to distribute heat around your body. The reason your hands and feet get cold first is that your body prioritises heat for your vital organs.

But cold feet can lead to poor blood circulation, which can contribute to health implications. Therefore, a good pair of socks could make a world of difference. Fortunately, there are a plethora of thermal socks on the market to keep your feet warm this winter.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best thermal socks in the UK that are also heat holders to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Thermal Socks Reviews

Justay 5 Pairs Ladies Winter (Editor’s Choice)

These are one of the best thermal socks in the UK for women. Designed to retain warmth, these socks are perfect for the winter season. They also boast a comfortable thickness that makes them perfect for footwear.

The socks are made with high-quality thermal contents, including 36% polyester, 35% wool, and 29% cotton. Cotton is a soft fabric that’s warm and comfortable on your skin, making this product just what you need if you often experience cold feet. Thanks to its polyester component, these winter socks are lightweight and durable, ideal for wearing regularly.

Best of all, the Justay thermal socks keep your toes dry all day and feature a breathable toe panel. Therefore, you can even use these as hiking socks. In fact, the socks prevent moisture from building up, which can also be a contributor to cold feet.

On the other hand, this five-pack of socks is only right for wearing with boots, and the height won’t provide much comfort if you’re wearing trainers. They’re also only available in earth-tone colours, which isn’t ideal if you’re searching for more colourful socks.


  • Appropriate hiking socks with elasticated cuffs for comfort
  • Made with a high percentage of cotton
  • Shape-forming feature that provides a comfortable fit
  • Polyester adds excellent durability to make sure they last


  • The socks may only be appropriate for wearing with boots and not with trainers
  • They don’t feature an elastic material, therefore, they may fall down

FALKE Men’s Cosyshoe (Luxury Choice)

If you’re looking for the best thermal socks for extreme luxury, FALKE might have a product for you. These slippers keep your feet warm and comfortable, and they’re perfect for wearing in cold weather. Plus, their slipper design means that they’ll make the perfect pair to use around the house.

This product will ensure you have warm feet for long periods of time, thanks to the materials used. In particular, they contain merino wool, which is a temperature-regulating fabric to make sure that your feet don’t get cold. Furthermore, the combination of polyamide is great for comfort and retaining heat.

Moreover, another reason that these are one of the best thermal socks for extreme cold in the UK is that they feature silicone nubs on the sole for enhanced gripping and to prevent you from slipping over. This makes these thermal socks right for wearing in the bathroom and kitchen or rooms where there could be a potential slip hazard.

Unfortunately, these winter slippers don’t come with a clasp, which could mean that the fastening is slightly loose. And you should follow the included washing instructions to prevent the slippers from shrinking in the wash.


  • Great for wearing in cold weather
  • Slipper design that makes them perfect for wearing indoors without shoes
  • The inner sole is plush and cushioned for comfort
  • With fold-over cuffs, you can reduce the sock’s height to your preferences


  • Might be too thick for boots
  • No clasp, which may provide a looser, less secure fit
  • Could shrink in the wash if you don’t follow the washing instructions included

Caterpillar 6 Pairs Men’s (Best Value)

With this purchase, you receive six pairs of some of the best thermal socks in the UK that are available in blue, black, white, and grey. They come in any size you could need, making them suitable for all.

These are one of the best thermal socks for wearing on a construction site because they have a reinforced toe and heel that prevents blisters and bubbles caused by wearing work boots. This design protects your feet from injuries while providing excellent durability that’s great for everyday use.

In addition, they come with a thermal adjustment that’s designed to keep your feet at the correct temperature. This keeps your feet comfortably warm when it’s winter and not too stuffy during warmer weather. In fact, these socks prevent a build-up of sweat, so you can work conveniently without extra moisture on your feet.

However, these may not be considered to be thermal socks for extreme temperatures and you may still experience some chill on your feet if you don’t use them with boots.


  • They’re great if you suffer from blisters and sores on your feet
  • Durable and don’t tend to receive holes after a few uses
  • Keep your feet at the perfect temperature, so you’re not too hot or cold
  • Available in an array of sizes


  • The socks may not be tall enough for some boots
  • There’s little elastic on the cuffs, which may cause the socks to fall down with movement
  • The sizes might be slightly smaller than anticipated

Danish Endurance Light Outdoor (Best for Hiking)

These are the best socks for cold feet if you enjoy hiking because they don’t slip down as you move.

These thermal socks are made from 30% merino wool, 33% acrylic, 36% nylon, and 1% elastane. Using a high percentage of merino wool, these are one of the warmest socks you can buy right now. Plus, they’re ideal for wearing in winter because they act as a good insulator.

In addition, this pair of socks has moisture-wicking properties that retain the heat within the sock while remaining breathable. This makes them a great option if you’re often going out in the cold. You can walk for long periods of time without building a pool of sweat inside.

Unfortunately, you may wish to purchase ankle socks if you plan on wearing trainers and not boots. However, the socks’ thickness might make it difficult to wear with this kind of footwear.


  • Fabric content will keep your feet warm
  • Remain comfy for long periods of time
  • Moisture-wicking properties prevent a build-up of sweat
  • Elastane will make sure the socks stay up


  • May dig into your legs if they’re too high up
  • Some people may prefer more colourful options

Chalier 5 Pairs Women’s (Best for Everyday Use)

These women’s socks are great for keeping your feet comfy and warm every day. They’re available in a variety of five colours and styles, making them practical while adding a vibrant touch to every outfit.

They’re one of the best socks for extreme cold weather because they boast an array of thermal materials. This includes 35% wool, 29% cotton, and 36% polyester. The wool retains heat, keeping your feet warm in winter.

In addition, they provide plenty of ventilation to prevent a build-up of sweat while offering a good amount of comfort.

However, these socks might not be good for hiking, because they don’t feature an elastic cuff. This can make them prone to falling down when moving for long periods of time.


  • Wool fabric to help your feet stay warm and retain heat
  • With plenty of ventilation, your feet won’t feel sweaty
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Great for extreme cold


  • Large portion of cotton may cause your feet to perspire
  • May fall down

MOSOTECH 5 Pairs Ladies

These thermal socks are comfortable, have moisture-wicking properties, and feature a stretchy material that makes them ideal for wearing with shoes.

Made with 41% polyester, 33% cotton, and 26% wool, these socks will make sure your feet stay warm when it’s cold outside. The large polyester content makes them great for every day in all seasons as well as providing a quick-drying feature when you’ve washed them.

Furthermore, the socks also have plenty of elasticity that provides extra comfort and means that you can move around freely without feeling restricted.

Alternatively, it’s worth bearing in mind that a pair of these socks may not be as soft as other wool socks on the market, as they contain a lower wool content than others.


  • Can withstand the cold up to -20°C
  • Fit follows the natural curves of your heel for durability
  • Large polyester content makes them durable
  • Quick-drying, allowing you to use them soon after washing


  • May not be as soft as other thermal socks
  • May get fluff inside of your shoes and on your carpet

Arctic Comfort 4 Pairs Men’s

If you’re looking for the warmest socks in the UK that feel soft on your skin, this four-pair pack may be a good choice for you.

The socks are created with 50% acrylic, 25% polyester, 20% wool, and 5% elastane. This combination of materials makes these thermal socks great for wearing in winter or when it’s cold indoors to prevent you from developing sores.

The high content of acrylic offers ample comfort and softness, so you can wear the socks for long periods of time with shoes or even indoors without footwear. In addition, the wool contributes to keeping the cold weather and moisture out.

On the other hand, the socks aren’t high, which may make them slightly uncomfortable when wearing them with tall shoes.


  • They feel soft against your skin
  • Made with 20% wool, keeping your toes warm
  • Thick at the front for warmth and plenty of protection
  • Four pairs of socks


  • May not be high enough for tall footwear
  • Some people may prefer brighter-coloured socks

Bonjour 4 Pairs of Men’s High Performance

If you’re tired of your thermal socks falling down when you’re wearing boots, these may be the best find on the market. The long hose provides plenty of strength, so you can enjoy hiking in winter without needing to constantly stop to adjust the fit.

These thermal socks come equipped with a padded shin bone that provides ample protection if you accidentally knock your leg when you’re out hiking or in the cold. And they also have an easy slip-on design, making them convenient to put on and take off every day.

Moreover, the socks use high-quality materials that provide thermal qualities, making them good for wearing in winter. In particular, they are made with 53% cotton, 45% polyester, and 2% elastane. This combination prevents a build-up of moisture and offers plenty of comfort, remaining soft against your skin.

On the other hand, the socks don’t feature any wool, which is a well-used fabric for thermal socks designed for winter. This might make them slightly colder if you’re exposed to extremely low temperatures.


  • The padded shin bone protects your legs in accidents
  • Slip-on design for convenience
  • With gripped zones and extra cushioning to provide additional support
  • Great for tall shoes


  • They don’t contain any wool, which may make them colder than other winter socks
  • Might get holes at the heel if you wear them for hiking

Ayra 12 Pairs Men’s

These thermal socks will help your feet stay toasty in winter, thanks to their thickness. This makes them suitable for hiking, working, and everyday wear.

They are made with 75% cotton, 23% other fibres, and 2% elastane. The high percentage of cotton provides plenty of comfort, which you may want if you’re standing for long periods. Plus, cotton also retains colour, allowing the socks to last longer.

Ideal for winter, these socks contain elastane for additional comfort. In particular, this material can withstand high and low temperatures, enabling you to wear this pair of socks all year round.

Unfortunately, the products don’t feature merino wool, which is a great material used in socks for extreme cold temperatures. And they’re slightly thinner on the heels, which may impose wear and tear with daily use.


  • Elastane material prevents them from falling down when hiking
  • 12 pairs for one purchase
  • High cotton content makes them soft against your skin
  • Machine washable and easy to care for


  • They don’t contain merino wool, which may not retain heat as well as other socks
  • They’re slightly thinner on the heels, which may lead to holes
  • Some people may prefer socks in various colours and designs

YUEDGE Men’s Athletic

Although you may be searching for socks for extreme cold temperatures, they still need to remain breathable. Fortunately, YUEDGE designed this pair to keep your toes warm and dry throughout the day.

In fact, they are made with 80% cotton to avoid a thick texture, allowing your feet to breathe during vigorous activity, such as hiking and exercising at the gym. The use of 2.5% spandex also provides a breathable factor, along with a close fit to avoid any annoying falls.

Furthermore, these socks feature ample elasticity, which reduces friction to avoid sores and blisters. This feature allows your feet to remain at their warmest without imposing any infections. Not to mention that the Y-heel design and ribbed arch retains heat while supporting your feet as you walk.

You may need to consider that these socks aren’t as padded as the others on the list, which may not be appropriate if you suffer from soreness.


  • They provide a close fit for maximum comfort
  • The sole thickness helps to prevent sores and blisters
  • Plenty of elasticity to avoid digging into your skin
  • Left and right labels to put them on the right foot


  • They may not be as thick as other socks
  • The sizes may be larger than expected

What to Look for When Buying Winter Socks

Buying socks isn’t as easy as you may think and there are several factors you should know about before making your decision.


Here are the top three fabrics to consider when buying thermal socks.

Merino Wool

Merino is easy to care for because it’s both stain and odour-resistant, so you don’t have to wash the material as often as synthetic socks. In fact, airing out merino socks will keep them fresh and dry for the next day.

Furthermore, the material can absorb around 30% of its weight in moisture. Therefore, you can take merino thermal socks with you when you hike, and they’ll still keep your feet warm and dry. They also boast sweat-wicking properties.

Most important, merino wool keeps you warm, as it regulates your body’s temperature. This works through the natural crimp within the fabric’s fibre that traps body heat in pockets for optimum warmth. Best of all, this material feels soft against your skin.


Another fabric to invest in is elastane. This material increases thermal resistance to retain heat in your feet, making it a great option for thermal socks. Combined with spandex or lycra, it adds a little stretch to the socks to provide a comfortable fit. You’ll typically only need around two to five percent of the sock’s content for these benefits.

cute feet warmers


You’ll find that numerous thermal socks contain polyester. This fabric is durable and much stronger than cotton and even wool. Aside from its longevity, polyester socks also retain their shape, making them more comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

Furthermore, a high-quality blend of polyester socks will feel soft against your skin, so you’ll want to wear them even during vigorous exercise.

And polyester is lightweight, too, which is advantageous for supporting your feet. This feature means that you can walk around the office all day without your feel feeling stuffy or hot. Better still, the material won’t bunch up like some other materials, so the socks will stay in place all day long.

Sock Thickness

Thick socks keep in more heat and also provide ample cushioning, which is ideal if you’re a heavy runner or suffer from aches or foot sores. For winter, you may want to consider thicker socks than compared to the rest of the year. But for long hikes, you may want to take a few pairs of various thicknesses along with you.

Sock Height

Finally, the sock height is also critical to your comfort. Ankle socks are best for running because they keep your feet warm and they complement trainers. If you’re wearing boots, you may want to consider a taller pair to keep your shoes from digging into your skin.

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Which Pair of Socks Will Keep Your Feet the Warmest?

When finding the best thermal socks in the UK, we recommend the Justay 5 Pairs Ladies Winter socks. These feature a high wool content for the ultimate plush feel and for maximum warmth. Plus, the combination of cotton and polyester provides breathable and moisture-wicking properties.

Do you have any other suggestions for thermal socks for extreme temperatures? If so, share your favourite pairs in the comments.

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