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Top 10 Best Weighted Vests

  1. Adidas ADSP-10701 Full Upper Body (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Hyperwear Pro Full Upper Body (Luxury Choice)
  3. Body Rip B018IFZ238 Full Body (Best Value)
  4. Gravity Fitness Full Body (Best Adjustable)
  5. JLL Fitness BO1B7VYHH2 Full Body (Best Machine Washable)
  6. Surreal SRUK00053.CH Full Body
  7. Vailge B08D8XB575 Shoulder Style (Best for Running)
  8. Homcom UKA93-0420331 Full Body
  9. Xn8 Sports Full Body
  10. Komodo Sports Full Body

Weighted vests are a great way to bring your personal workout regime to the next level. When used correctly, they can help you increase muscle mass and improve cardiovascular fitness at a significant rate. The best weighted vests can be used during almost any type of workout and are fully adjustable but if you don’t know what to look for, finding the right one for your skill level and build isn’t always the easiest task. Luckily, you have come to the right place to help you sort it all out. This article reviews our top 10 picks for the best weighted vest in the UK and explores some common questions to help point you in the right direction. By the time you are done reading, you should be all set to choose the best weighted vest for your specific fitness and body needs.

Weighted Vest Reviews

Adidas ADSP-10701 Full Upper Body (Editor’s Choice)

The Adidas weighted vest is our favourite all-around choice. This full body weight vest is easy to clean, highly breathable, and fully adjustable to help you level up your cardio and bodyweight exercises with greater ease and efficiency.


The Adidas weighted vest is made with tough, durable material and features a strong zip-up front. A large elastic hook and loop buckle paired with two velcro straps create a tight fit to keep the weights close to your body while you exercise. It also features ventilation panels and a soft lining to help release heat and wick away sweat.

You can toss this vest in the washing machine for a quick and easy cleaning after a strenuous workout. It comes with 8 weight packs that are ergonomically placed for comfort and balance. Combined, they weigh 10kg. In addition, two D-rings on sewn onto the back of this weighted vest for resistance training. Simply attach a resistance parachute or resistance bands to create added tension.

The Adidas weighted vest may not be the best option if you have a smaller body frame as it lacks shoulder straps. You should also be aware that some people report the weights occasionally rub uncomfortably around their ribcage area while running, and the waist buckle could loosen while doing cardio as well.


  • High-quality materials 
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Breathable ventilation panels
  • Up to 10kg of adjustable weight
  • Ergonomic weight placement


  • It may not be ideal for smaller individuals
  • Weights could be less comfortable near ribcage while running
  • The waist buckle may loosen while doing cardio

Hyperwear Pro Full Upper Body (Luxury Choice)

When it comes to choosing a luxury weighted vest, quality and design are key. That’s what you’ll get with the Hyper Wear Pro upper body weighted vest. It features a fully adjustable design that is suitable for almost any body type.


This unisex weighted vest is great for all types of fitness and rehabilitation exercise training. A sturdy zipper front and wide side panels with elastic lace-up sides provide a customized fit as well as ample ventilation to release body heat. The vest is made with highly breathable, odour resistant stretch fabric that has a thin profile. Whether you are doing press-ups, pull-ups, or strength training, you should get a full, uninhibited range of motion.

This vest is available in four different sizes and max weight capacities. The small size comes with 9kg of weight plates but allows you to add extra weight if you desired. The max weight increases up to 19kg in the XL size.

This vest is available in four different sizes and max weight capacities. The small size comes with 9kg of weight plates but allows you to add extra weight if you desired. The max weight increases up to 19kg in the XL size.


  • Breathable stretch fabric
  • Slim profile for added range of motion
  • Variable sizes and weight capacities 
  • Lace-up sides for a snug fit
  • Odour-resistant material 


  • The pockets might be less durable  
  • It may not be heavy enough for some people 
  • Sizing may be smaller than expected  

Body Rip B018IFZ238 Full Body (Best Value)

The Body Rip full body weighted vest is our top pick if you are looking for a quality vest at a reasonable price. It has extra padding for enhanced comfort while you work hard to increase your muscular endurance and build muscle mass.


To customize and get a secure fit, the front of this vest has a sturdy click adjustment closure with two large velcro straps that fasten around your midsection. It also has adjustable shoulder straps to ensure it accurately fits a wide range of body shapes and sizes. The vest itself is made with double neoprene fabric. The fabric does not absorb sweat and has sewn-in reflective tape to increase safety if you choose to run or exercise outside at night.

The Body Rip weighted vest features a 20kg maximum weight. It comes with removable sandbag weights and is also available in 5kg, 15kg, and 25kg options to suit all different builds and fitness levels.

Bear in mind, this weighted vest may not be machine washable, and it is possible the stitching will prove to be somewhat less durable. Lastly, there are some reports indicating that the fabric dye could rub off on your clothing during the first few uses.


  • 20kg adjustable weights
  • Extra padding in the lining
  • Large velcro straps for a snug fit
  • Neoprene nylon blend material does not absorb sweat
  • Reflective tape for nighttime workouts


  • It may not be machine washable
  • The fabric dye could rub off at first
  • The stitching  could be less durable

Gravity Fitness Full Body (Best Adjustable)

The Gravity Fitness full body weighted vest is our top choice if you want a highly adjustable design. It has secure velcro straps with a hook and loop buckle closure for a snug, stable fit overall.


This weighted vest features durable construction made with strong nylon material. The heavy-duty material makes this body weighted vest great for all types of high energy cardiovascular fitness and bodyweight exercises. The nylon also features built-in foam padding, so it is comfortable as well as functional.

Each vest comes with 20kg of cast iron metal weights. Cast iron weights are great because they are not as bulky as sandbag weights, and they don’t shift as much as either. Each weight fits into weight pockets secured by an overlapping cover. Overall, the vest still maintains a low profile making it good for pull-ups and push-ups without any interference. If 20kg sounds like a lot to you, a smaller 15kg weight option is also available.

Regretfully, this adjustable weighted vest might not be machine washable, so it is not the easiest to clean, and the shoulders do not feature straps. You should also keep in mind that while this vest fits most people well, it may not be ideal if you have a smaller build.


  • Highly adjustable design
  • 20kg cast iron metal weights
  • Top-quality construction and materials
  • Secure velcro straps 
  • Great for cardio and weight training


  • It might not be machine washable 
  • Shoulders do not feature straps
  • It may not be ideal for people with a smaller build

JLL Fitness BO1B7VYHH2 Full Body (Best Machine Washable)

This full bodyweight vest is machine washable, minus the weight bags, making it an excellent choice if you want an option that is easy to clean. In addition, the material is sweat resistant and odour resistant, so you may find you do not need to wash it after every use.


This vest features a padded design to make it more comfortable to wear. It allows a full range of motion, making it good for all types of workouts, even chin-ups. The hook and loop double velcro fastener also makes this vest easy to adjust, so you get an accurate fit.

This weighted vest is great for any fitness level. It comes with sandbag weights with 5 different weight options that include a 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, and 30kg maximum weight. Whether you want a heavier weight or a lighter weight vest, they have got you covered.

While the JLL Fitness weight vest is easy to keep clean, you should know that the elastic on the weight pockets could stretch over time, causing the weights to fall out when doing push-ups, burpees, or other similar bodyweight workouts. The straps might also be less secure, and the vest may not be as durable as some people had hoped.


  • 5 weight options
  • Fully machine washable 
  • Allows a full range of motion
  • Padded vest design
  • Sweat-resistant material


  • Weight pockets could stretch over time 
  • Straps could be less secure
  • It could be less durable overall 

Surreal SRUK00053.CH Full Body

The Surreal, full-body weighted vest could be the best choice for you if you are seeking even weight distribution and a variety of max weight options. It is available in 5 different weights, all of which are made with high quality, durable materials which hold up easily during advanced aerobic exercise routines.


This weighted vest features adjustable straps on the shoulders as well as dual adjustable hook and loop velcro straps around the waist. It is designed to suit all body types, and we think it accomplishes this quite well. The vest material is padded, breathable, and does not absorb sweat. Instead, moisture is wicked away and evaporates naturally before any odours start to develop.

The Surreal weighted vest comes in either a 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, or 30kg max weight option. The included sandbag weight pouches are easily removable for a customizable exercise experience based on your personal stamina and strength level. Regardless of how many weights you choose to use, the vest enables even weight distribution across the chest and back.

Keep in mind that the included sandbag weights may prove to be less durable when compared to metal weights. Additionally, this weighted vest could slightly restrict your full range of motion when doing certain exercises, and it is uncertain whether or not it is machine washable.


  • 5 to 30kg max weight choices
  • Added padding for comfort
  • Fully adjustable straps for the best fit possible
  • It does not absorb sweat
  • Top-quality materials


  • The sandbag weights could be less durable 
  • It could slightly restrict your range of motion 
  • It might not be machine washable

Vailge B08D8XB575 Shoulder Style (Best for Running)

The Vailge shoulder weighted vest is our top choice if you are seeking an option that is great for use while running. It has a minimalist design which makes it great for a variety of high energy exercises like chin-ups, weight training, resistance training, and more.


Vailge weighted shoulder vests are designed with two adjustable buckles on the front to create a secure fit. When tightened correctly, the vest should not restrict your range of motion or move around and bounce during cardio workouts, like running. The iron weights are also sewn in securely so they will not shift when you make rapid movements.

In total, this vest provides you with 2kg of extra weight. This may not seem like a lot of weight for weight training, but over time, you should see noticeable results. The lower max weight also makes longer runs more attainable without overstraining your back, neck, or shoulders.

The Vailge vest contains a mesh back pocket so you can store your keys and other small items during your workout without worry. Reflective stripes are sewn into the vest for enhanced visibility if you like to exercise outdoors at night.  

Be aware, Vailge does not recommend machine washing their shoulder weighted vest. In addition, the weights are not adjustable, and they may be too light if you prefer heavier weights in a vest.


  • Shoulder style vest 
  • Highly breathable 
  • Reflective stripes for nighttime workouts
  • Mesh back pocket for storing keys
  • Great for running and resistance training


  • Not machine washable 
  • The weights may not be adjustable 
  • It might not be heavy enough for some people 

Homcom UKA93-0420331 Full Body

If you think making small weight adjustments could help you level up your strength and endurance training, the Homcom full body weight vest could be a top contender. This vest is also good for taller people and has a top-quality design.


Homcom weight vests are made with durable Oxford fabric to help them maintain their integrity for an extended period of time. To establish a good fit, it features wide shoulder and waist straps with thick velcro attachments. Even with all of the weight, this vest should also be comfortable to wear, thanks to the padded lining.

Homcom weight vests come with 38 iron filled weight bags that fit into individual pockets. In total, they weigh 10kg, but if you prefer additional weight, a 15kg and a 20kg option are also available. The vast number of weight bags allows you to increase and decrease the amount of weight you use in small increments.

These weight vests may not be the best option for shorter people, even with the adjustable shoulder straps. You should also be aware, the weight bags may not be as durable as some people had hoped, and overall, this vest has a somewhat bulkier design that could restrict your range of motion when doing some exercises.


  • Good for taller people
  • 38 individual iron filled weight bags 
  • Padded lining for extra comfort 
  • Wide adjustable shoulder and waist straps 
  • Durable Oxford fabric material


  • Weight bags could be less durable than expected
  • It may not be ideal for shorter people 
  • Somewhat bulkier design 

Xn8 Sports Full Body

The Xn8 Sports full body weighted vest makes a great choice if you want a vest that provides you with a more customized fit. It also has well-balanced weight bags and reflective stripes sewn into the durable neoprene material of the vest, making it good for nighttime workouts.


This weighted vest comes in three different sizes to help you get a slim, secure fit. This also helps make cardio and strength training easily accessible without having to worry about a restricted range of motion. To further customize the fit, this vest also has wide hook and loop straps around the waist and strong velcro straps on the shoulders to help it stay in place.

The Xn8 weighted vest is available in 10kg, 15kg, or 20kg weight options, so you are sure to find one that works for your specific skill level. All of the weights, which are sandbags, are removable, so you can remove and add additional weights as needed. The sandbags also feature secure stitching to prevent potential leaks, which can be common with this type of weight.

Potential drawbacks to this option include it possibly being too long for shorter people and having shoulder straps that could become uncomfortable when worn for longer periods of time. Lastly, it is not machine washable, so it is not the easiest to clean.


  • 3 different size options
  • 3 different weight options
  • Sturdy removable sandbag weights
  • Secure hook and loop closures
  • Durable neoprene material


  • Less comfortable shoulder straps possible 
  • It may not be the easiest to clean 
  • The vest could be too long for shorter people

Komodo Sports Full Body

If you want a one size fits all weighted vest, the Komodo Sports full body might be the vest for you. It is easy to use and allows you to increase and decrease the amount of weight you use based on your skill and effort level at any particular moment.


We love that Komodo Sports weighted vests feature an extra-wide velcro waist strap. Not only does it create a snug-fitting vest on almost any body type, but it also adds a bit of additional lumbar support, which can be beneficial while you exercise, work, and sleep. The vest is made with durable neoprene material and is designed to resist absorbing sweat and unpleasant body odours.

This vest has individual pockets for its weight bags to provide an evenly weighted feel. The bags are filled with a blend of sand and iron. You can choose between a 15kg or 20kg max weight option but remember, the weights are adjustable, so you can always remove some if needed.

If you are strongly considering this weighted vest option, keep in mind that it does have a somewhat bulkier design when compared to other top options, so it could restrict your range of motion. In addition, it is not machine washable, and the weight pockets could prove to be less durable in the end.


  • Durable neoprene fabric
  • Extra-wide waist strap adds lumbar support
  • 15kg or 20kg max weight options
  • Iron and sand mix weight bags
  • One size fits all design


  • The somewhat bulkier design may not suit all exercise regimes
  • Less durable weight pockets are possible 
  • It may not be machine washable 

Choosing the Best Weighted Vest: A Buyer’s Guide

That’s all for our top 10 list! Now it’s time to take a closer look at weighted vests in general and answer some common questions that may still be lingering in your mind.

Now that you have come to the end of our best weighted vest UK list, let’s take a closer look at the traits that make weighted vests stand out so that when the time comes, you can make the best selection possible.

Design Style: Shoulder Weighted or Full Upper Body

One of the first things you want to consider when choosing the best weighted vest for you is what design style you want; full body or shoulder weight.

A full body weighted vest restos over your shoulders and extended down your torso to cover your midsection. For the most part, people tend to prefer full-body weighted vests because they are capable of holding more weight. Full body weighted vests are also to spread out the weights over a larger surface which provides even pressure on your frame and creates a more balanced feel overall.

A muscular man gets ready for a workout by wearing a full upper body jacket.

A shoulder weight vest sits over your shoulders and chest to apply pressure from above. These weighted vests are typically more lightweight and are less likely to allow you to adjust the weights. However, shoulder weighted vests are less bulky by design, allowing you to move more freely without restricting your range of motion.

Type of Weights

The weights inside of weighted vests also vary in style and can affect the user experience overall. The main thing to consider when it comes to weights in a vest is whether or not they are removable. Most people prefer weighted vests with removable weights because it allows you to change and cater the weight to your progress.

Sandbag weights are common in weighted vests because they can be made in any shape and size and are easy to handle. Sandbag weights are also less expensive and make adding and decreasing weight in tiny increments more accessible. The main drawback to sand weights is that they tend to be bulkier than steel plates or other kinds of wights.

Metal weight plates are also common in weighted vests. They tend to be a bit less bulky, which frees up your movements while wearing them. Metal weight plates are also much more durable as they do not run the risk of splitting a seam.

Adjustability and Fastening Mechanisms

Another thing to look for in the best weighted vests is their ability to adjust the size. Ideally, you want your weighted vest to fit your body well so it won’t slide or move around and throw off your balance while exercising.

Most weighted vests feature adjustable straps to help you get the best fit possible. Look for buckle or Velcro straps around the waist and shoulders to assess how they will fit your specific build. Some weighted vests also have open panels on the side that lace up to get an even tighter fitting result.

Machine Washable

While it is not a necessity, we think the best weighted vests will also be machine washable. After all, if you wear a weighted vest during physical activity, the chances of you sweating are significant. The last thing your want is a smelly, unsanitary piece of workout equipment that you have to wear, right? Many weighted vests are completely machine washable for this exact reason. If you are considering a weighted vest that is not machine washable, we recommend considering an option that resists absorbing sweat at the very least. After a few times wearing your new weighted vest, you’ll be grateful you did, trust us.

Durable Materials

Considering all of the weight that this type of vest needs to support, durable fabric and materials are essential if you want it to last for very long. Not only do the pockets designed to hold the weights need to be strong and durable, but the velcro and adjustable straps need to be durable as well. If not, the vest could loosen while you are wearing it, leading to improper balance or strain. Or, the weights could fall out of the pockets, which could be dangerous in and of its own.


Last but not least, comfort is another important trait to consider when choosing the best weighted vest. Carrying around heavy weights while you physically exert yourself may not always be the most comfortable when you think about it, but the right vest will make it a whole lot easier. Many weighted vests feature sewn-in padding in the lining to create an extra layer of cushion between your body and the actual weights. This is particularly beneficial if you plan on running, jumping, or doing any kind of cardio exercises while wearing your vest.

Benefits and Uses of a Weighted Vest

Weighted vests are great for anyone who enjoys body weight exercises but wants a tool to help them increase their results. All you have to do is strap one on to receive the benefits of adding weight to your workout routine.

The best weighted vests can be worn to improve cardiovascular fitness while running, lifting weights, and all kinds of different exercises that improve muscular endurance and muscle mass. They can even be worn while cycling or during Cross Fit.

It doesn’t matter if you want increased strength training, muscle building, or endurance training; weighted vests can help advance your exercise routine.

A man working out in the gym

Are Weighted Vests Safe to Use?

According to health experts and the fitness industry, weighted vests are perfectly safe to use when used correctly. As long as you don’t start off with an excessive amount of weight, make sure to take it slowly at first, and take care to maintain even weight placement across the vest, you should be fine to get started. Of course, always pay attention to any cues your body gives you, and if you feel any pain, stop.

Which leads us to our next question, how much weight is too much weight?

How Heavy Should Your Weighted Vest be?

While the weight of your vest will vary based on your personal fitness skill level, stamina, and the build of your body, as a general rule of thumb, weighted vests should weigh about 20% of your total body weight. Fortunately, most weighted vests are adjustable, so you can work your way up in an effort to avoid strain or possible injury. The adjustability also means you shouldn’t have to buy a heavier vest when your strength and stamina improve.

As we mentioned before, don’t start at the heaviest weight as you can cause strain; some people will run with an empty vest at first just to get the feel of the accessory before loading it up with weights.

The Best Weighted Vest for You

After reading through our best weighted vest UK list and buyer’s guide, you should be more ready than ever to pick out the right one for your specific body shape and workout needs.

Our favourite weighted vest is the Adidas full upper body. It is constructed using high-quality materials that are both comfortable and breathable. It has built-in ventilation panels and provides you with a securely fit, even while running. It comes with 10 kg of ergonomically placed weights, which you can easily add or remove to suit your specific fitness level.

While the Adidas weighted vest may not be ideal for smaller individuals, the waist buckle may loosen with use, and some people find the weights rest uncomfortably on their ribcage while running, but we still think it makes an excellent choice for most people. Could it be the best weighted vest for you?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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